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Barbary macaques in Affenberg Salem

Affenberg Salem

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Location: Salem
Suitable for prams: ja

It is quite unusual: you walk through an almost 20 hectare wooded area and over 200 Barbary apes frolic in it. No dividing bars or ditches - the visitor is, as it were, a guest in the home of these lively animals and can even feed them with specially prepared popcorn distributed free of charge. This close contact with our animal relatives is not only great fun for children, but also a very special experience for adults. You feel like a partner, you and you with the monkeys.

The home of the barbary macaques is Morocco and Algeria. There they live in the mountains up to heights of two thousand meters. You will feel at home in the climate of Lake Constance and feel completely at ease. Since the Barbary macaques are threatened with extinction, the Affenberg animals represent a valuable population, of which, as happened in 1986, entire groups can be relocated back to the wild in North Africa.

Other attractions are included in the admission price: the picturesque stork pond with carp and various water birds, as well as an impressive breeding colony of free-flying storks. The fallow deer enclosure also ensures an observable neighborhood to the Barbary apes. After exiting the monkey outdoor enclosure, a new path leads to a viewing terrace with a wonderful view over the stork pond into the Drumlin landscape.

A richly illustrated information room, which is best viewed before visiting the outdoor enclosure, describes in detail the life, endangerment and research of the Barbary macaques. The "gallery" with monkey depictions from all over the world is also unique. The palette ranges from the "monkey band" from the Plauen porcelain factory to Indian shadow play figures, from Japanese netsukes to ikat fabrics from Sumba.

There are pretty souvenirs in the souvenir shop, and finally, the cozy Hofschänke also takes care of physical well-being. The younger visitors are attracted by an original children's playground.

By the way: Even without their own car, visitors can easily reach the Affenberg and Salem Castle. The adventure bus of the DB "Zug-Bus" creates the connection to Unteruhldingen every hour.