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The best destinations in bad weather


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If you decide to stay in the Black Forest, you naturally want to enjoy beautiful weather. But this wish does not always come true. However, this does not detract from a successful trip. Which activities promise good entertainment even on rainy days, we will look at that here in this article.

Off to the mountain!

In rain and fog, the urge to finally climb the next summit is usually not particularly great. If you want to stay dry in any case, you can take a look inside the mountain. This is because mining has a long tradition in the region. In the past, for example, zinc and lead were mined, for which deep tunnels were sometimes dug.

Mining has lost its original importance for the economy in the region. In return, visitors now have the opportunity to explore the tunnels themselves. That Visiting mine Münstertal offers the chance to go deeper, for example. Once there, it is no longer possible to determine exactly how the weather is on the surface.

Museums in the region

Museums are always rewarding destinations when the weather is not ideal. In the Black Forest, too, there is an opportunity to get closer to different topics. On the one hand, the various historical offers are interesting. There you can find out how people in the region used to live and what, for example, the typical wooden construction is all about.

But art lovers also enjoy the opportunity to find suitable exhibitions on site. This is often associated with the chance to take a replica of the work home with you in the shop. This can be a decorative sculpture, for example, which then finds its permanent place in the living room. Alternatively, suitable offers can also be found in selected online shops. Bronzes of all kinds, for example, hold up this provider wide on his side.

Fun in the leisure pool

Cooling off is not only a lot of fun on hot days. Even when it rains, the baths in the Black Forest look great. For example, the various spas are worth a trip for older students. They invite you to relax for a while in the warm water and perhaps treat yourself to an application afterwards.

In addition, there are various leisure pools, which can be the right choice. Children in particular will find plenty of suitable offers on site that ensure good entertainment on rainy days. Meanwhile, parents have the opportunity to relax in the thermal pool. However, especially in the main season, there is usually a large number of visitors to these offers. In some places the appointment booking is still active. For this reason, it makes sense to make an effort at an early stage.

Blatant also have the opportunity to visit one of the outdoor pools in the region on cooler days in summer. At this time, they are particularly attractive due to the low occupancy rate. If you want to have the pool to yourself, this is the right place. In this case, the low admission prices are also attractive.

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