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Excursion destinations in the Black Forest

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Observation towers

Lots of steps, beautiful views

Farmhouse in the Vogtsbauernhöfe open-air museum

Museums & culture

Mines, exhibitions ...

Steinwasen Park near Freiburg

Park & ​​Zoo

Amusement parks, animal parks ...

Rötteln Castle

Palaces & castles

and ruins ...


Waterfalls, mountains ...

Thermal baths, baths & lakes

Indoor swimming pools, thermal baths, lakes ...

...provide entertainment, pleasure and fun for your vacation. Find numerous excursions to amusement parks, exciting sights, cooling adventure pools and lakes, museums of all kinds as well as castles and palaces.

250 destinations found

Indoor or outdoor

Suitable for prams

Suitable for wheelchairs

Küssaburg Castle
Haigerloch Castle
Haiger hole
Staufenburg Castle
Staufenburg Castle
Staufen castle ruins
Zavelstein castle ruins with Städtle
Bad Teinach-Zavelstein
Gugel tower
Todtnauer Hasenhorn Tower
Todtnauer Hasenhorn Tower
High Flum
High Flum Tower
Book head tower
Buchkopfturm observation tower
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The best excursion destinations in the Black Forest: Discover 250 breathtaking sights

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions in Germany. With its unique nature, the picturesque villages and a wealth of cultural and historical sights, the Black Forest offers numerous destinations for every taste. On our website you will find a comprehensive overview of the 250 best excursion destinations in the Black Forest.

Observation Towers - Enjoy breathtaking panoramas

One of the main features of the Black Forest is its impressive lookout towers. They offer you the opportunity to see the beautiful landscape from a bird's eye view and enjoy unforgettable panoramic views. On a clear day you can even see the Alps and the Vosges!

Museums & Culture - Immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the Black Forest

The Black Forest is rich in culture and history, which can be experienced in numerous museums and cultural institutions. Whether traditional craftsmanship, historic buildings or modern art - the variety of museums in the Black Forest leaves nothing to be desired.

Park & ​​Zoo – Experience fascinating animal and plant worlds

The parks and zoos in the Black Forest are an absolute highlight for nature lovers and families with children. Here you can experience exotic and native animals up close, stroll through beautiful gardens and take part in exciting events.

Castles & Ruins - Discover the historical treasures of the Black Forest

The imposing castles and ruins of the Black Forest offer insights into the eventful past of the region. Be captivated by the fascinating architecture and the exciting stories of the former rulers.

Sights – Explore impressive natural phenomena and cultural highlights

The Black Forest has so much more to offer: Discover impressive natural phenomena such as waterfalls and stalactite caves, visit historical sites.

Thermal baths, pools & lakes - Relax in dreamlike wellness oases

After an eventful day in the Black Forest, the numerous thermal baths, pools and lakes invite you to relax and enjoy. Treat yourself to a break in one of the modern wellness oases or discover the region's picturesque lakes.

Filter function - Find the perfect excursion destination for your needs

The user-friendly filter function enables you to filter excursion destinations according to various criteria such as suitability for prams, wheelchair access or indoor and outdoor areas. You are guaranteed to find the right excursion destination in the Black Forest for your individual needs.

Start your journey of discovery through the Black Forest today and be enchanted by the diversity and beauty of this unique region. The 250 best destinations in the Black Forest are just waiting to be discovered by you!

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal