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Crowdfunding: Animals in the Black Forest

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Petra Jäger, illustrator, author and artist from the southern Black Forest is in the process of publishing her third book – self-published, of course, because Petra Jäger is a committed self-publisher.

Having already published two children's books, she dedicates her new work to the genre of narrative non-fiction in her new work, Animals in the Black Forest, and in a special form, because the book, which is aimed at adults, is prepared in the style of a graphic novel.

In order to cover the printing costs, Petra Jäger has started a campaign on the crowdfunding platform StartNext, where you can pre-order the book from June 21st to August 10th: https://www.startnext.com/tiere-im-schwarzwald

What can the reader expect?

In this book a fox of the human species blows the march and talks Tacheles.

Here's how it happens: On a rainy day, the fox and badger crouch in the den (of the badger) and mope. Based on the fox's comment that he and the badger at least have a place in the dry, in contrast to the squirrel, which has become homeless after a storm, a conversation about animals in the Black Forest develops.
In a conversational tone, the two reflect on the relationship between humans and animals over the course of time, and in doing so they really kick ass, bring historical questions to light and convey anecdotal information about twelve selected animal species that are or were native to the Black Forest: bear, wolf, wildcat, lynx, cuckoo, Auerhahn, Black Forest Fox, Backwoods beef, deer, squirrel, and of course badger and fox.
Packed as a modern fable, the book presents historical facts in a very entertaining way, because the literal speech of fox and badger, in which quotations from historical sources are interspersed, make the topics addressed very vivid. To come up for discussion:

  • squirrel soup
  • fox bouncing
  • wolf garden
  • Heraldic animals in the Black Forest
  • the extermination of wild animals in the Black Forest
  • the change in vegetation in the Black Forest over the centuries
  • the impact of forest science on flora and fauna
  • Aid programs for endangered species
  • Programs for the reintroduction of extinct animal species and their opponents
  • Animals as symbols of the Black Forest
  • special Black Forest livestock breeds and their importance for the typical Black Forest cultural landscape
  • special facilities in the Black Forest (paths, climbs, parks) where information is given about animals in the Black Forest and where some animals in the Black Forest can be experienced today
  • and much more.

An appendix at the end of the text also provides key zoological data on the twelve selected animals.

In her new one Book ANIMALS IN THE BLACK FOREST – A FOX BRINGS THE MARCH TO THE HUMAN SPECIES The animals have the say, especially the fox, of course.

The video of the project

Image courtesy of Petra Jäger