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Company outing ideas in the Black Forest

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You are looking for creative people Company outing ideas ? You are wondering: where is the perfect place? Perhaps you would also like to simply integrate new members into your existing team? Then the Black Forest could be the perfect team building location.

This is what the Black Forest offers and there it is

The Black Forest is located in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg and represents the largest contiguous low mountain range in Germany. It extends over a width of around 40 kilometers from the Upper Rhine in the south to the Kraichgau in the north. Due to the dense forest and the unmistakable nature, it invites you to Outdoor activities of all kinds. Many mountains and bodies of water make the region unique.

There are these possibilities


Are you sporty and love exercise in the great outdoors? Then book a scavenger hunt by bike and combine modern technology, sport and an unmistakable nature. Most of you are probably familiar with this popular game from childhood birthdays. Geocaching by bike as a team event is the ideal new take on this classic game. Download the Geocaching App and start a very special bike tour. Surrounded by thick forest, you can only reach your destination if you work together as a team and everyone pulls together. This event also promotes communication within the group in a special way.

Another very special team event is filming. Use the unique backdrop of the Black Forest and let your team slip into the role of directors and actors. For example, shoot a creative corporate film about your company or department. Let your employees and colleagues slip into new roles and thereby drive them to identify more and increase motivation.

The digital scavenger hunt, also known as the globe chaser, is also very popular. Similar to the scavenger hunt by bike, the participants simply download the app and off they go. The participants have to solve virtual tasks in order to find out the next point on the map.

A rafting tour is great fun for everyone involved. Special rubber dinghies are boarded in small groups and after a short instruction the fun can begin. Each participant receives a paddle and does his part to maneuver the boat over a set route to the destination on what is usually rather troubled water. The trust of all occupants in the boat among one another is the basic requirement for this action-packed team event on the water. Because only if everyone adheres to the plan will the boat stay on course. Look forward to the final barbecue at the destination.

The Black Forest - the perfect team building location?

Due to the varied nature, the many mountains and the dense forest, the Black Forest is particularly inviting for sporty activities Tours and activities on. Numerous smaller bodies of water and the proximity to the Rhine also make very special events possible on the water. Because of these many facets, it is an ideal team building location.

Do not hesitate long to convince yourself.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal