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Location: Buhl
Einwohner: 29299

The large district town of Bühl is located very far to the west of Baden-Württemberg. Around 10 kilometers southwest of Baden-Baden and 138 m above sea level. NHN, this idyllic town invites visitors to its scenic Black Forest. 28.889 people live here in the wonderful nature. There is everything your heart desires here.
The French border is also not far away and can be reached by car in around twenty minutes. Bühl consists of the core city and 10 districts.

Architecture in Buehl

The town hall, which supports the tower of the former church, is located on the market square. It is the symbol of the city. Right next door is the Catholic St. Peter and Paul Church.

For the 50th anniversary of the reign of Grand Duke Friedrich, the brothers Adolf and Carl Leopold Netter donated the Grand Duke Friedrich Jubilee Tower, also known as the Carl Netter Observation Tower, in 1902.

Exactly 50 years later, in 1952, the Bühler Peace Cross was erected as a sign of reconciliation between Germany and France. It can be seen on the hill between the city center and Ottersweier. Its proximity to the French border alone suggests that Brühl has played a major role in history.

In the same year that the Carl Netter lookout tower was donated, the municipality founded the Stadtgarten. At its fountain you can always admire the bronze bust of Grand Duke Friedrich.

Art, culture and experience

There are two local history museums to visit. One is in the core city of Bühl, for the second you have to go to the Weitenung district. Both museums are managed by the City History Institute, which has its premises in Waldsteg Castle.

You can also enjoy the performing arts in Bühl. Big events take place in the community center "Neuer Markt". These include concerts, musicals and plays. The Schüttekeller is a cabaret stage that can inspire its guests with a family atmosphere and can be found in the district of Hänferdorf.

City music director Herbert Ferstl has an orchestra that is full in all registers and has 70 musicians. Founded in 1758, it is one of the oldest wind orchestras in Germany.

Nature also invites you to a wide variety of sports and leisure activities. From hiking through the Black Forest, to golf, to the Climbing everything is possible on the rock.

Alle Jahre wieder

Every year Bühl attracts many tourists with its plum festival. Every September, the Plum Queen represents the city and the fruit.

Image courtesy of marcelheinzmann - stock.adobe.co