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Book presentation: Schluchseenixen

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Parties and poker rounds made the 1982 World Cup base for the national soccer team in the Upper Black Forest a notorious "Schlucksee". Roland Weis was there as a reporter. Now he has taken up the events of that time in his new thriller "Schluchseenixen".

Schluchseenixen called three young employees of the Hetzel Hotel in town Schluchsee, where the German national soccer team stayed for a few weeks in 1982. Jupp Derwall's squad included Hans-Peter Briegel, Paul Breitner, the Förster brothers, Karl Heinz Rummenigge and Lothar Matthäus. After the fitness sessions in Lenzkirch's Schliecht Stadium, people gambled and boozed in the neighborhood - the Schluchseenixen mermaids were probably there for the nightly rounds.

40 years later one of the former employees is murdered. The investigations by local reporter Alfred lead back to those events in the World Cup training camp. The book "Anpfiff" by goalkeeper Schumacher lays the trail. Alfred discovers it on the murdered woman's boat and the entanglements take their course.

Roland Weis weaves historical facts, real scenes, living people and fiction into an exciting story with local colour. Scenes include some pubs and inns in Neustadt, the Hetzel Hotel (today Four Seasons) in Schluchsee, the stadium in Lenzkirch or the resort of Blasiwald.

“Schluchseenixen” is the tenth case with the protagonist Alfred. They have been published regularly since 1997 Black Forest crime novels written by Weis, he is considered the founder of the genre.

More info: https://blog.rombach-verlag.de/2022/09/29/schluchseenixen-neuer-schwarzwaldkrimi-von-roland-weis/

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal