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Stephansmünster in Breisach


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Location: Breisach

Breisach is a welcoming town on the Upper Rhine. The region near Alsace is one of the warmest regions in Germany and when the weather is good it is even more fun to explore the city and its sights.

St. Stephen's Minster

St. Stephanmünster is the landmark of Breisach. It is located on the historic Münsterberg, around 226 meters above the lower town. The Münsterberg is surrounded by the historic city walls and offers a great view of the Rhine and the city center. The old Gothic church of St. Stephansmünster is enthroned at the top of the mountain. The church was badly damaged in World War II, but the old works of art and treasures were not affected. You can still see them there or take a guided tour of the impressive church. Enjoy this breathtaking architecture with its treasures from the 14th - 18th centuries.

The blue house is a very special community building

The blue house used to be a Jewish community center, which has become a memorial and educational site. There is a permanent exhibition "Jewish Life in Breisach 1931". This is intended to commemorate the coexistence between Christians and Jews, and to serve as a memorial to the tragic events during the Second World War.

The Rhine Gate, one of the most beautiful fortress gates in Europe

The Rheintor, which was built at the time as the entrance gate to the city of Breisach, now houses the Museum of City History. In the museum you can marvel at the development of Breisach from the Stone Age to the present day. In addition, the Rhine Gate is one of the historical treasures of the city and is still one of the most beautiful preserved fortress gates in Europe.

Discover the Black Forest

Breisach is a good starting point to explore the region. From the city you can take trips to Alsace or the Black Forest. Numerous hiking and cycling trails show you the beautiful landscape. Or you can plan a trip to the nearby cities of Freiburg and Colmer, which are easy to reach by bus and train.
Or explore the area by ship and book a panoramic trip over the Altrhein. This is a 2-hour round trip over the Altrhein and Rheinseitenkanal.

The very special culinary delights

For the wine connoisseurs among you, Breisach is definitely worth a trip. The largest wine festival in the region takes place here at the end of August. Many wine cooperatives and wineries come to Breisach to present their wines.
A little outside of town is the Badische Winzerkeller, Baden's largest wine producer.

A visit to Breisach is no longer in the way, hotels and holiday apartments offer the desired accommodation for everyone.

Images courtesy of Photo by Couleur on Pixabay, Photo by Schorsch92 on Pixabay, and Photo by Tama66 on Pixabay