Bötzinger Schambachtal - adventure trail



Location: Boetzingen
Track length: 1.8 km
Ascent: 26 m
Descent: 26 m
Suitable for prams: ja
Starting point: Schambach fountain

What can I experience with my children in the Schambachtal?

There are all kinds of things to discover on the adventure trail. For example, a dry stone wall, built from stones from an old Bötzingen farm, is embedded in nature, which offers lizards and slow worms a safe shelter. There is also a peephole here, through which you can see the world from the perspective of a lizard.
There are newly created flower strips with seeds from dry meadows in the Kaiserstuhl. There are also insect hotels, dead wood, hedges and piles of brushwood that provide a home and food for all kinds of animals and insects such as wild bees, butterflies, bumblebees and weasels. Even the cockchafer is at home here ... so there is a lot on offer for the little ones.

On the adventure trail there is also a playback device powered by solar energy with which you can hear the different voices of the bird species occurring at the Kaiserstuhl. On the basis of this you can then assign the voices to a picture and thus guess whether they were correct. There is also a beehive box, which gives an interesting insight into the everyday work of a bee colony.

The project “Experience nature in the Schambachtal” is particularly supported by the students and teachers of the Bötzingen Wilhelm-August-Lay-Schule, by affected property owners and also promoted by the Plenum Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl.
All in all, this is the perfect opportunity to experience a wonderful and educational day in the wonderful Kaiserstuhl nature with the whole family.

The Bötzinger Schambachtal adventure trail has a total length of 1,7 km, is pram-friendly and offers a lot of interesting activities and information about nature in the Schambachtal for all ages from young to old.

Bötzingen at the Kaiserstuhl

The municipality of Bötzingen is located on the southeast side of the Kaiserstuhl, 15 km west of Freiburg im Breisgau. Bötzingen is known far beyond its borders for wine growing. The first documented mention of viticulture dates back to 769. But apart from that, the municipality, with its 5.345 inhabitants, has a lot to offer. The largest employer in the municipality is the nationally known plastic parts manufacturer Samvardhana Mothersen Peguformn. 1.350 people are employed here. The company produces plastic parts for the automotive industry.

So it can be said that Bötzingen has something to offer in all areas. Breathtaking nature, viticulture that goes back to the earliest times of record and, last but not least, the real reason for our article: the Bötzinger Schambachtal adventure trail.

How to get to the Bötzinger Schambachtal adventure trail?

Getting there by car

It is best to park at the train station, as there are no parking spaces at the beginning of the adventure trail. Follow the signs “Brunnenpfad” to station 10 “Schambachbrunnen” in the upper Leimengasse.

If you come with the Breisgau S-Bahn or on foot:

From the Bötzingen train station, follow the “Brunnenpfad” directions until you reach station 10. From there the adventure trail begins.

Image courtesy of the community of Bötzingen


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