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Schluchsee in the Black Forest

Black Forest - romance & adventure in Germany's fairytale forest

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The Black Forest offers many facets on its 6.009 km², especially for lovers of romance. Lush greenery, picturesque villages, enchanted watercourses - it almost seems as if the scenery has sprung from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. This article shows which places are particularly beautiful for lovers and which insider tips are suitable for the first date.

North, south and centre: the Black Forest has many natural highlights to offer

Hardly any other region in Germany is as diverse as the Black Forest. Here visitors can not only discover extensive lakes, high mountains, lush greenery, rushing waterholes and spectacular views. Mysterious moors and enchanted hiking trails also invite you to explore.

The Schluchsee, the Schlüchtsee or the Titisee are ideal excursion destinations for everyone who loves the wonderful water. In summer, visitors can not only go boating here, but also enjoy cooling off by swimming.

The roaring ones are something special Waterfalls in the Black Forest. There are quite a few of them, even with spectacular views. The Wasserfallsteig gourmet trail is ideal for a tour with the whole family. There are several waterfalls to admire up close. This romantic, adventurous tour is also an insider tip for everyone who is just getting to know each other. Have two souls on one Dating sites for single parents and singles with a sense of family found, the first excursion could go along the waterfalls in the Black Forest. After all, men can prove themselves to be real nature boys and strong hands if they help the women and youngsters alike to climb some rocky views.

So much beautiful nature also makes you hungry. There are numerous spots along the way that are made for a picnic. Laughing together and sharing previous experiences – good prerequisites for a common basis.

For everyone who likes something more romantic: The Black Forest from its fairytale side

Thanks to its fairytale flair, the Black Forest is ideal for anyone who wants a little more romance. There are countless cities that invite you to take a stroll with their half-timbered buildings and romantic alleys. Calw is one of them and has a lot to see with over 200 listed buildings.

The AugenBlick vantage point in Holzbronn is something special. It is about 15 minutes by car from Calw and offers a wonderful view of the surroundings with perfect light and a wonderful sunset, especially in the evening hours. This place is also yes to indulge in a romantic picnic.

Joint activities in nature weld together

The Black Forest is a huge adventure playground for big and small. With shared experiences, you not only get to know each other better, but later also have valuable memories to share. Ideal for discovering the Black Forest varied tours like the Wichtelpfad on the Feldberg.

It offers a relaxed hiking route over a length of 1,8 km, on which children in particular can see all sorts of things along the way with Ferdinand, the gnome postman. The crowning glory is the gnome playground, which invites you to romp around.

The swimming paradise is for all water lovers Titisee a real insider tip, because there is a real universe of slides here. The pool is open 365 days a year and has countless areas for the whole family. The over 300 real palm trees and the approximately 33° warm water ensure a real Caribbean feeling. Children big and small can swim (practice) here and discover one of the many slides. There is also a lot for adults here, especially the 6.000 m² sauna world. If you want, you will definitely find a place to retreat here to experience some intimate time together while the children have fun in the well-guarded pool.

Those who like a little more fresh air will find many outdoor activities throughout the Black Forest: horseback riding and carriage rides, mini golf courses, climbing forests and animal parks.

It is a well-known fact that love goes through the stomach: delicious cuisine in the Black Forest

Exciting adventures make you hungry. Many culinary delights await you in the Black Forest. Highlights are the well-known ones Black Forest cake, the Black Forest ham or delicacies in the many farm shops. Throughout the region, people rely on rustic, natural products whose freshness and quality are immediately noticeable when you taste them.

There is also a lot for children. A rustic snack with fresh bread, some vegetables, ham and other sausage delicacies also appeals to little explorers. Something special is the so-called Black Forest hot dog. These are Landjäger in homemade stick bread. In many places, rustic Käsespätzle, which many may know from vacations in Austria, are also served on the plate. But even in the Black Forest, they are a real pleasure when refined with onions and a good amount of cheese. The thread soup is a good snack. It gives you new energy and tastes particularly delicious with its chicken or beef broth and the small pancake strips as an accompaniment.


The Black Forest is a dream come true, not just for fairy tale fans. There is a lot of natural variety to discover in the midst of the forests. In addition to waterfalls and lakes, there are also themed hiking trails, magnificent mountain views and much more. Such an adventurous walk is ideal for getting to know each other better, because there is something for the whole family.

Image courtesy of Photo by CathyUser on Pixabay