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Black Forest alternatives - 5 travel destinations on the North Sea

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For many, a real war of faith has arisen over whether the most beautiful vacation spots on the North Sea are in Germany or in Denmark. Ultimately, everyone can only answer this question for themselves, because tastes are known to be different and that is a good thing. Basically, the North Sea coast offers a lot of exciting and relaxing holiday regions on both sides of the border. How about, for example, a vacation trip to one of the following five travel destinations?

butjadingen, north sea, sunset © Custer Troy CCO public domain
At the sight of the sunset on the extensive beaches of the North Sea coast, the worries of everyday life are quickly forgotten.

Destination # 1: Butjadingen - a paradise for young families

Comfort is the top priority on the green North Sea peninsula between the Jade Bay and the Weser. Children in particular can let their adventurous spirit run free here. This is ensured by the pirate playground on the Friesian beach in Tossen. In addition to tire swings and a climbing net, a Noah's Ark ship awaits the little ones.

New parents and their babies also get their money's worth in Butjadingen. Because in Tossen is the first baby beach in Germany. This is an area of ​​250 square meters, which was framed with glass elements and equipped with awnings, hot showers and changing tables.

Should the weather not play along, the tropical aquatic park Aqua Mundo offers a suitable place to go. On the 4.000 square meter facility there is not only a wave pool, but also several water slides. Here, too, the little ones are well catered for with their own baby pool.

In the fishing port of Fedderwardersiel the cutters leave daily to fish for crabs. When the ships return, they can then be bought on site. In the meantime, it is worth taking a closer look at the picturesque village. In addition, concerts are held almost every day at the harbor from April to October.

Destination # 2: Henne Strand - ideal for bathing holidaymakers and friends of water sports

Water sports enthusiasts in particular like to spend their vacation in Henne Strand and book a suitable holiday home for this purpose On the dreamy beach you can enjoy the wonderful view in any wind and weather.

Henne Strand is located around 150 kilometers north of the Danish border and impresses above all with its Scandinavian cosiness, the extensive beach regions as well as the imposing dunes on the North Sea and the very original forest areas in the hinterland.

No special equipment is required for Blaabjerg, the highest mountain in Henne Strand. The "summit" is at a height of only 64 meters, but offers an impressive panoramic view of the vast country, which can almost be compared with the view from the Lupfenturm in the Black Forest.

In the city center of Henne Strand there is a cozy market square, which is lined with numerous restaurants and cafés. Numerous shops offer clothing for almost every taste, including designer clothes.

The nearby towns of Esbjerg, Ringkøbing and Varde invite you to take a short trip. Ringkøbing in particular, with its small, romantic streets, is very popular with romantics and those who have just fallen in love. Esbjerg, on the other hand, attracts visitors with the largest pedestrian zone in Denmark.

Travel destination # 3: Borkum - the island for allergy sufferers

Allergy sufferers who suffer from pollen count especially appreciate the good, iodine-rich air in Borkum. Here it is possible to take a deep breath and leave the tissues and medication in your pocket. The reason for this is that Borkum is influenced by the ocean climate all year round.

However, reducing the island to just a holiday resort for allergy sufferers would not do it full justice. The endless sandy beaches with beach chairs and the Wadden Sea National Park are perfect for a vacation with the whole family. Children are particularly enthusiastic about the bark reef lightship. This is the last German lightship, but today it can only be admired as a museum ship.

Borkum can be reached from Emden with a two-hour ferry ride. Even the trip to the island, with the salty air blowing in your face and the screeching seagulls circling the boat, is the first great holiday experience.

woman, blow, blowing © mojpe CCO public domain
Allergy sufferers can finally breathe freely again with the prevailing North Sea climate on Borkum.

Destination # 4: Vejers Strand - it doesn't get any more hygienic

Nowhere else on the North Sea coast does a hyggeless feeling arise as often as in Vejers Strand. Holidays in the region offer a lot of cosiness and authenticity. The area is particularly proud of its fishing tradition. This can be seen from the numerous fish restaurants and smokehouses.

Above all, the area is also popular with families who arrive with large luggage. Because the wide North Sea beach can even be used here by car. But that does not mean that the entire coast is littered with cars. To the north, the beach remains free of cars for several kilometers.

A special attraction for children is the Dropskogeri in the center of the village. Here you can watch the candy makers make the delicious little sweets.

The wonderful landscape in the hinterland invites you to go on long hikes, walks and bike rides. Anglers can catch their own dinner in the fishing lake Fiskesø.

Destination # 5: Hvidbjerg Strand - the first port of call for luxury campers

For many, camping is more than just a holiday in a tent or caravan - it is a way of life. One of the most beautiful and well-maintained campsites in the world is located in Hvidbjerg Strand. The huge square with its numerous idyllic parking spaces in the middle of the green is rightly a 6-star facility.

Next to the classic pitches is the Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark. Here you have the opportunity to spend your vacation in an authentic fishing, western or Hvidbjerg hut, each of which is decorated according to the theme. For example, the fishermen's huts stand directly in the water on stilts.

There is also a play area and a large adventure pool on the site. Especially the little ones get their money's worth here. Very commendable: entry is already included in the campsite fees.

Images courtesy of value_mcright, Photo by CusterTroy on Pixabay and Photo by Mojpe on Pixabay
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