Black Forest house of the senses

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Location: Grafenhausen
Suitable for prams: ja

The Black Forest house of the senses Grafenhausen is a hands-on museum. The whole family is invited to use the human senses and discover great things. Our senses of hearing, feeling, seeing and smelling are challenged on three floors and used on special objects.

What are our "time wasters", how does it feel in complete darkness, how does it feel like walking on pine cones? These and many other questions are answered in the Black Forest House of the Senses. A “ZeitRaum” area is dedicated to “time wasters” and the acceleration and deceleration of life. In the dark corridor and in the dark bar it is pitch dark and visitors experience what it is like to live without having to see with your eyes. An indoor barefoot path also awaits museum guests in Grafenhausen.

The Black Forest House of the Senses offers special offers for children, groups and school classes. Children's birthdays can also be celebrated or special tours can be booked.

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Black Forest house of the senses

Schulstraße 1
79865 Grafenhausen

Opening hours

weekdayOpening hours
Monday11: 00–17: 00 pm
Thursday11: 00–17: 00 pm
Friday11: 00–17: 00 pm
Saturday11: 00–17: 00 pm
Sunday11: 00–17: 00 pm
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