Simulator in the virtual world
Simulator in the virtual world

VRitz - virtual worlds in Schramberg



Location: Schramberg
Suitable for prams: no

In the virtual world of experience, reality and fiction merge to create a new dimension of experience in which the visitor plays the main role.

On more than 300 m2, the ultra-modern VR technology, embedded in a chilled lounge atmosphere, invites you to experience and linger. In 10 VRitz boxes, virtual room escapes can be solved together, a pirate ship can be steered with friends and treasure islands conquered or a lap in the dynamic racing simulator on the Nürburgring can be done - who is driving the fastest lap time?

  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Current opening times:
  • Registration for larger groups is desirable.
  • Current prices on the homepage
  • Barrier-free? Yes

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