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Local history museum Klösterle
Local history museum Klösterle

Local history museum Klösterle Schönau



Location: Schonau

The old building from the 18th century used to be a tannery. The last living tanner's daughter had two sisters of the order “Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross in Hegne”. They served charitable in community maintenance and kindergarten until 1959. Thus they gave their name, because the population coined the term "Klösterle". After that it was still used as a residential building until it began to fall apart.

It was to be demolished in mid-1980. The population, the free voters, defended themselves and founded the “Klösterle” association. This one and the city Schonau caused a complete renovation and opened the local museum in 1988.

It is popular with holiday guests and school classes alike, as it houses old writings, documents and valuable maps. In addition to this historical outline, devices and utensils from earlier times are exhibited on the upper floor. It is clearly shown, e.g. Partly also on models of how people used to live, how and where they worked and provides information about their customs, traditions and religion. The collection recently also includes a "legacy of books", which also contains historical information and is fanned out in several volumes across different areas / countries. During the opening hours, visitors can look at magazines, brochures and books, make a selection and borrow them free of charge for 3 weeks.

Exhibitions and lectures take place in the adjoining hall. Since 1994 it has also been possible to have a civil marriage in the Klösterle Hall.
One of the valuable exhibits is the bailiff's card from 1773, and the most interesting is the large tower clock. When the Ev. Bergkirche needed a new clock in 1981, the old mechanical clock was removed, a small digital motor was installed and placed behind glass protection in the Klösterle hall.

Admission to the local museum in Klösterle is free!
Local history museum Klösterle
Neustadtstrasse 21st
Appointments on Tel. +49 (0) 7673/88 11 0

Opening hours:
Beginning of May to end of September:
every Thursday from 16 p.m. to 18 p.m.
Guided tours: outside the opening times for groups (from 5 people) possible all year round.

Local history museum Klösterle Schönau

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