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The Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest
The Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest

The Wutach Gorge in the Black Forest



Location: Wutach
Suitable for prams: no
The Wutach Gorge is an adventurous and impressive wild river valley in the Black Forest and is also known as the largest canyon in Germany. Romantic gorges and wild forests offer every hiker an unforgettable experience. Since the gorge can only be crossed on foot, there is a relaxing silence, far away from the hustle and bustle of cities and highways.

A hike through the Wutach Gorge

The hike through the Wutach Gorge is an experience for all ages. The 60 to 170 m deep gorge offers rushing waterfalls, raging wild rivers and rugged valleys. A varied flora and fauna can also be observed on a hike through the Wutach Gorge. The path through the Wutach Gorge begins at the Wutachmühle and leads upstream. Past the Wutach exit, you hike along the river to the Gauchach estuary. A picnic is recommended in this romantic place. Past the covered wooden bridge, named Kanadiersteg, the hike continues towards Bachheim. The last section of the route leads past impressive waterfalls. The hike ends at the Schattenmühle. If you want to shorten the route a little, there are a few shortcut options.

Sights in and around the Wutach Gorge

In addition to the Wutach Gorge, the Gauchach Gorge is also worth a visit. This gorge is always open and offers a wild and romantic landscape. Not far from this gorge is the Lotenbachklamm. This 1,5 kilometer long branch of the Wutach Gorge is also permanently open and after a short time develops into a wild gorge with thundering waterfalls and rocks jutting into the water Wutach. You can also hike through this gorge and cross 7 bridges. The paths are narrow and demanding and should therefore only be entered with good footwear and with surefootedness.

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