Finstergrund Wieden visitor mine
Finstergrund Wieden visitor mine

Finstergrund Wieden visitor mine


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Location: Wieden
Suitable for prams: no

The visitor mine Finstergrund lies between Wieden and Utzenfeld. It can be reached via Landstrasse 126. Parking spaces, also for buses, are available. At the mine building, visitors are equipped with yellow protective helmets. Good shoes and warm clothing are recommended, as the temperature in the mountain is + 8 ° C.

With expert guides, you can take the mine train into the tunnel on a level, easily accessible and well-lit path. Past constructions, past the niche with the patroness of the miners, Saint Barbara, and past the wagons of the former mine railway, after around 900 m you reach the ore and mineral corridor? Finstergrund.

The pit? Finstergrund ?? can look back on a long history. The old upper tunnels were laid out in the late Middle Ages for the extraction of silver ores. Discover the various rock deposits, mysterious passages and crevices on a guided tour with a train ride.

Image courtesy of Stefan Asal - Datacreate Asal
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