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Aerial view of Alpirsbach


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Location: Alpirsbach
Einwohner: 6700

The town of Alpirsbach is located in the northern Black Forest, in the Freudenstadt district. With 6.757 inhabitants, it is not the largest city but it is all the more interesting. The beautiful half-timbered houses with the old shutters and the attractive architecture reveal that this city tells a story. There is a lot to discover here.

Interesting sights

The symbol of the city is the over 900 year old Benedictine monastery, which was repaired about 60 years ago and can now be visited. Guided tours are also offered there, where you can marvel at the old tools, drawings and the like of the residents of the time. But that's not the only attraction in Alpirsbach. The Museum of City History invites you to immerse yourself in another time and tells the history and development of the city.

Experience old craftsmanship

The craftsmanship is also very interesting. The city offers you many opportunities to gain insight into the origins of the craft. Alpirsbach Offizin was set up in honor of Gutenberg and shows the origin and function of book printing. Here is an original replica of the Gutenberg press.

You can also see how tree trunks were tied together to form rafts in order to transport them down the Rhine to Holland, or how 1400 degrees of heat transformed quartz sand into liquid glass.

If you want to get an overall impression, guided tours of the city are also offered in Alpirsbach. From historical city tours to adventure tours, there is something for everyone.

pure nature

If you prefer to spend your time in nature, you will also get your money's worth in Alpirsbach. The public places such as the spa gardens invite you to linger. The Kurgarten offers a great view of the nearby monastery and is an oasis of calm in the middle of the city.

Would you like to enjoy nature outside? The Small Kinzig dam, is in the immediate vicinity. There are beautiful hiking trails there, including the Alpirsbach water path and the raftsman's path. On both routes you will receive a lot of information about rafting or the water supply through the dam. The town also borders on the only national park in Baden-Württemberg, here you can simply unwind in the untouched nature.

The brewing art of the monks

In addition to tourist attractions, Alpirsbach also offers regional specialities. In this case the specially brewed Klosterbräu, a beer which is brewed in the Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu brewery according to an old recipe. You will find many different varieties, so there is something for every taste. Of course, the city also has a few restaurants where you can eat comfortably and let the quaint little town have an effect on you.

Of course, you can also find overnight accommodations in Alpirsbach. From the hotel room to the Campsite no wishes remain unfulfilled.

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