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Adventure Wilderness Trail Bühlerhöhe

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Track length: 2.9 km
Ascent: 50 m
Descent: 50 m
Suitable for prams: no
Starting point: Plättig-Bühlerhöhe

The Bühlerhöhe wilderness trail on the Black Forest High Road has existed since 2006.

The hiking trail for children and adults runs through a 70-hectare forest area, which has been left to the flora and fauna for several years after numerous storms that uprooted many trees. The aim is for the forest to become a wilderness or primeval forest again. Among other things, many of the 150-year-old trees that were knocked over by hurricane Lothar on December 26, 1999, which swept across the Bühlerhöhe wilderness path in the Black Forest at top speeds of more than 200 kilometers per hour, still lie all over and on the Wilderness Path. These numerous obstacles, especially fallen trees, but also rocks, upturned roots along and on the paths have to be overcome.

If you want to walk the Bühlerhöhe wilderness path, you need a certain level of stamina, mobility, coordination and sure-footedness. These skills are definitely required, as you often have to cross over or under fallen trees, and you also have to climb steep stairs and ladders. This is of course ideal for children, who will see this adventure trail as an adventure playground, but also for all nature lovers, who can observe everywhere how nature is transformed back into wilderness without human interference.

Three different hiking routes

There are three different route lengths 4,5 km, 3,5 km and 2,8 km, but they all have an ascent of approx. 75m. All three routes are very well signposted and the starting point is always at the Plättig hiking car park. You should allow between 2 and 3 hours for the routes.

Along the wilderness path, there are some information boards for interested visitors to inform about connections in nature.

We recommend a rest on the "Adlerhorst" which was inaugurated in 2017. At a height of seven meters in the wooden nest, you can let the concentrated nature affect you with a small picnic and enjoy the fresh forest air. You might even hear and see a woodpecker in the forest.

The Wilderness Trail didn't get that name for nothing. After the devastating hurricane Lothar, most of the 150-year-old trees were uprooted. Nowadays you can experience and see how new life sprouts from the uprooted dead trees everywhere or a new dwelling for many insects and animals is created.

Not suitable for prams

The Bühlerhöhe wilderness trail is demanding and requires a certain level of fitness and dexterity, which is why it is unreservedly suitable for families with older children and hikers. The path is not recommended for small children, seniors, wheelchair users. The wilderness path is completely unsuitable for prams due to the numerous obstacles and cycling is completely forbidden.

A few more tips:

In any case, sturdy shoes should be worn. If possible, the path should be walked in dry weather in spring, summer or autumn, otherwise the path is very slippery, muddy and there is an increased risk of accidents caused by slipping.
Please also wear appropriate clothing that can get dirty.
The Black Forest National Park offers guided hikes on the wilderness path in Baden-Baden, which are supervised by national park rangers.

Getting to the Wilderness Trail

To How to reach us by car: Please enter the following address into your navigation system or smartphone.
Bühlerhöhe Wilderness Trail, Schwarzwaldhochstrasse 2, 77815 Bühlertal
There is ample parking at the Plättig hiking car park.

For arrival by public transport:
From Baden-Baden, regional bus line 245 goes in the direction of Mummelsee several times a day in the high altitude area. Get off at the Bühlerhöhe/Plättig stop.
Further information on public transport can be found directly in the KVV timetables

You can find more information about the Bühlerhöhe wilderness trail here.
Info see here: https://www.nationalpark-schwarzwald.de/de/erleben/unterwegs-im-park/erlebnispfade/wildnispfad

And finally ...

The wilderness path on the Plättig is challenging but definitely a worthwhile hiking trail. The many obstacles and variety that you have to overcome alone or with several people is a lot of fun.
This path is really something for adventurers, explorers and nature lovers.

Image courtesy of Sandra Reinemund


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