Wolfach Town Hall
Wolfach Town Hall



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Location: Wolfach

A paradise for your vacation ...

The rivers Kinzig and Wolf with their romantic side valleys and the climatic health resorts of Wolfach in the heart of the Black Forest. Here the landscape is not rugged and inaccessible, but opens up to the guest with all its beauty. And the Black Forest reveals its final secrets as if through a hidden back door. Discover the numerous small side valleys with their lonely homesteads and lively bubbling streams.

Holiday land in the ocean of forests ...

It really is a sea of ​​endless forests in which the climatic health resorts of Wolfach are like islands of hospitality. It is not promised too much, because the area around Wolfach is what you imagine a typical Black Forest landscape to be. At the bend of the Kinzig river, Wolfach can look back on 900 years of city history. The mighty castle of the Fürstenbergers became a landmark, the castle gate the epitome of a small, manageable world in which the guest is also happy to be included.

Kur- und Verkehrsamt Wolfach-Oberwolfach

77709 Wolfach

Tel: 07834 8353-53

Fax: 07834 8353-59

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