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Todtnau in the southern Black Forest
Todtnau in the southern Black Forest

Holidays in the Black Forest - best equipped with Alexa


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At the next Vacation in the Black Forest Nobody has to do without the convenience of Alexa, because you can use it and the appropriate devices anywhere, whether in the hotel room, in the holiday apartment or in the mobile home. So you are simply smarter on the go.

How do you use Alexa on vacation?

In order to be able to use Alexa on vacation, you can easily take the Echo Dot or Echo Spot with you on your trip. When you arrive at your holiday destination, you only need internet access. In the meantime, the 3rd generation Echo Dot can also be used with an outdoor charging station and is then mobile for up to 8 hours and independent of any socket. That makes it particularly interesting for on the go.

In order to be able to call up the current data at the respective location, the location setting in the Alexa app only has to be changed in simple steps and Alexa can deliver the latest information.

Alexa ensures that you don't oversleep, reminds you of appointments and provides you with the most important information about the weather or the traffic situation at any time.

"Of course, this is only a small selection of all the assistance functions ..." explains Ulrich Klein in his article on Home & Smart:

As a voice assistant, Alexa is repeatedly praised for its ease of use. The setup is also very easy and is controlled by a setup wizard in the smartphone app. The heart of Alexa are her so-called skills. If you find a skill interesting, you just have to activate it so that the devices immediately have these new capabilities.

How does Alexa work?

Alexa is voice software or a cloud-based voice service from Amazon. It is not only available on the many Amazon devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot, but also on a smartphone and many other third-party devices.

Especially when you are on vacation, you can especially enjoy having Alexa play your favorite songs and audio books for you and Alexa is happy to remind you of upcoming events or appointments.

The Echo Dot is perfect for on the go

As I said, the small, practical device is great for vacation. To use it, all you have to do is load the Alexa app onto your own smartphone, set up the Echo and you're ready to go. Alexa can now also be used outdoors.

If there is no available WiFi, the Echo Dot can also be used differently. Connected to the Internet via a hotspot with the aid of a smartphone, the little helper continues to provide all the information she needs about her Holiday region in the Black Forest, which Point of Interest & Sights, Restaurants and others.  

When the Echo Dot flashes amber?

The Echo Dot reports its status via the lights on the device:

  • A pulsating yellow indicates that there is a new message on the device that needs to be listened to.
  • Blue means that Alexa is "thinking" - or processing the current request.
  • The red light indicates that the on / off button for the microphone or the camera has been pressed. It can also refer to a device error such that Alexa is not available or there are problems with the WiFi connection.
  • The Echo Dot is in setup mode and is about to connect to the internet.
  • A pulsing green light indicates an incoming call.
  • The device is in do not disturb mode or there was an error setting up the WiFi.
  • The volume of the Echo Dot is adjusted.

What is Amazon Assistant

In addition to Alexa and Co, Amazon also offers its customers a practical assistant software that supports you with special additional applications to search, compare and shop on the Internet faster and easier. After installation, Amazon Assistant works completely automatically directly in the browser and supports you when shopping online by displaying comparable products on Amazon.

Video chat from the Black Forest

The latest device from the Echo series is particularly popular - the echo spot. So you don't have to do without video chats with friends and family while on vacation. What could be nicer than holding a video chat with friends with the Titisee as a backdrop in the background.

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