Hotel at the Mummelsee
Hotel at the Mummelsee

10 things to consider when choosing a hotel in the Black Forest


The Black Forest is one of the particularly attractive regions in Germany. That is why it always attracts numerous tourists. The countless outdoor activities that are offered there are very popular. They range from the outdoor swimming pool to various offers for amateur athletes and leisurely hiking trails. But nature is also very impressive in this region. But at some point every tourist wants to retire to a cozy hotel room to relax.

Choose a hotel close to the attraction

Anyone who would like to experience a certain outdoor activity in the Black Forest should look for a hotel that is also nearby. Long travel times to the desired attractions turn out to be annoying because they often lead to fatigue. However, since there are many hotels in the Black Forest, it will not be difficult to find suitable accommodation.

Choose a hotel chain or a family-run hotel

Basically there are large hotel chains that have achieved nationwide recognition. In these large hotels there are certain standards that are always adhered to. The hotel guest can definitely rely on it. But there are also numerous smaller hotels, most of which are family-owned. In these hotels, the hotel management often tries to establish personal contact between the staff and the guests.

The accessibility of the hotel

Accessibility is also particularly important when choosing. Sometimes there are longer journeys. These cannot always be reached by public transport. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, one should also pay attention to how this can be achieved. Some hotels offer their guests a shuttle service to the airport or the nearest train station.

Look at pictures

Most hotels publish numerous pictures of the guest rooms and other areas on the Internet. Every guest can see in advance what the hotel bar or restaurant will look like. Pictures are often more revealing than long descriptions. When looking at the photos, attention should also be paid to whether there are areas of the hotel that are important for the guest and of which no pictures are published.

Interpreting customer ratings correctly

Many hotels publish customer reviews. However, these are not always objective. Most of the reviews from hotel guests are rather subjective. Nevertheless, it is possible to gain information from the reviews that can be helpful in the selection. For example, if several guests report a positive aspect, there is a high probability that it is actually there.

More information about the staff

An important factor when choosing a hotel is the staff. The number of employees in particular plays an important role. This should always match the number of guest rooms. For example, if a hotel with 70 guest rooms only has three employees, the service can't be overwhelming. Therefore, a closer look is also advantageous in this area.

Note the restaurant

Food also plays a crucial role on vacation or on a business trip. Therefore, not only the photos of the restaurant area are important. It may also be possible to take a look at the menu online. Then every guest can find out in advance which dishes are on offer there. With meals that do not suit personal taste, the entire stay in the hotel can be a letdown.

Is the hotel suitable for meetings?

Hotels are not only used to offer holidaymakers comfortable accommodation. Companies in particular plan meetings in beautiful hotels. A wide variety of seminars or meetings take place there. In such cases it is advantageous to bring travel bags to the employees Company logo or similar individual utensils to be sent. Then the hotel staff will immediately recognize that they are business travelers and not tourists.

Is there a wellness area?

In addition to exploring the impressive area, relaxation also plays an important role. That is why many travelers attach great importance to a wellness or spa area. However, not every hotel offers this level of comfort.

Are there enough parking spaces?

Individual tourists like to travel with their own car. In that case it is always very important to know whether there is enough parking space at the hotel. No vacationer or business traveler wants to walk several kilometers to get to his vehicle.


There are several things to consider when choosing a suitable hotel. Since everyone has different preferences, the hotel should also suit them. However, there are numerous hotels in the Black Forest that offer every vacationer and business traveler exactly what they are looking for.


Provided by: Arthur Palmer

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