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Tips for booking a room


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Find cheap accommodation - this is how the bargain hunt succeeds

Many people use their vacation to travel. Relax for a few days in a wellness hotel, a city break or a backpack tour through the Black Forest: the choice is huge. Unfortunately, in most cases, this does not apply to the vacation budget. In addition to the arrival and departure, the accommodation is often one of the biggest cost factors. However, investing a little time can save a lot of money when booking accommodation.

Do i really need this? Demands and expectations as a major cost factor

Before booking accommodation, you should think carefully about what you will need. It really has to be Hotel rooms with half board be or is a vacation home and self-sufficiency enough? Does the accommodation have to be in the city center or is it enough to stay on the outskirts? A clear idea of ​​what you need is often enough to reduce the cost of accommodation significantly.

Flexibility and adaptability are key

An important factor in finding cheap accommodation is flexibility. Does it have to be a specific country or is sunny weather and accommodation by the sea enough for you? The latter of course increases the choice of travel destinations and accommodations considerably. There are also a few things to consider with regard to the travel period. Experience has shown that accommodation prices rise significantly on weekends, during the holiday season or on special events such as public holidays or major events. You should also travel in the usually much cheaper off-season.

With commitment and creativity at the best price

There are many ways to book holiday accommodation these days. The fastest and most convenient way is to go to one of the online booking portals. Accommodation is quickly found here with a few clicks. But is this also how you book at the lowest price? It can be worth comparing here. The travel agency is a proven alternative to online booking. It is not uncommon for them to negotiate special conditions with selected hotel chains, which can be passed on to customers through a low room rate. You should also try to obtain price information directly from the accommodation provider. Personal contact never hurts, but with a little luck it can have a very positive effect on your holiday budget.

Use loyalty and bonus programs and pay attention to special offers

Customer loyalty is an important building block for corporate success. For this reason, many companies now offer loyalty and bonus programs. Often, special offers are placed for a short time, for example for a new store opening or an anniversary. One way to be regularly informed about news, promotions and offers is to subscribe to a newsletter. Usually a free registration is sufficient and you will be regularly updated.

Voucher campaigns can save money

The search for cheap holiday accommodation doesn't just begin shortly before the trip. Always be vigilant, because opportunities often come unexpectedly. Travel vouchers can often be found as an insert in magazines or advertising brochures. In addition, various online platforms and portals offer an overview of current voucher and discount campaigns. A look can't hurt here either. If your wallet is still too small despite the voucher, you can try it at Leovegas - Read the reviews here. Unfortunately there is no longer the possibility in Germany Book of Ra to play.

Price comparison before booking, best price monitoring afterwards

Before making a booking, you should make a price comparison using a comparison portal. Offers from different providers for the same accommodation are compared with each other and the cheapest price is determined. And even after you have booked, the bargain hunt is not over. Various portals offer what is known as best price monitoring. When you enter your booking details, you will be informed as soon as the accommodation is offered somewhere cheaper. If a booking that has already been made can be canceled free of charge, you can then simply book the cheaper offer.

Money back with cashback programs

Another, still relatively unknown, method of reducing vacation rental spending is through cashback programs. Registration is usually free. You will then be credited with rewards for purchasing certain products and services. All you have to do is complete the booking via the cashback provider's website. They will then receive a commission from the provider of your accommodation, which they will pass on to you proportionally.

Niche concepts also deserve attention

Membership in a travel club can be another way to get great vacation deals. You can usually register with such clubs free of charge and then often benefit from partnerships between the travel clubs and the hotels or tour operators.

Tips straight from the source - ask locals and local experts

Other people are always a very promising source of useful information. Perhaps you know someone who lived, worked or has already been on vacation at your next vacation spot. First-hand experience and knowledge can be gold.


If you want to book holiday accommodation, you have many different options. It is usually worth investing some time and comparing the offers. And with a little luck you will find your own personal vacation bargain.

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