Mastercard in Black Forest design - plastic money for real Black Forest fans


At Christmas the time had come: The Volksbank Middle Black Forest is in the Triberg Black Forest Museum your new Mastercard in Black Forest design presented. A real eye-catcher for all Black Forest fans. But what about the card? Who created the appealing design and how can credit cards be used skillfully in everyday life?

Art meets finance - the new Mastercard in the Black Forest look

The artist Jochen Scherzinger, who himself comes from Gütenbach, was commissioned with the motif. He immediately found the project appealing and made every effort to visually put the Black Forest on a map.

The result is impressive: the card is now adorned by a traditional woman with a straw hat from Triberg, a woman in traditional costume Bollenhut from the Kinzig valley and a Black Forest clock carrier.

The Black Forest rocks - there is great demand for a new card design

The demand for the new Mastercard shows that the symbiosis of art and the rather dry financial sector has succeeded. More and more Volksbank customers are applying for credit cards with the new design. And even better: There are also numerous existing customers who accept the additional 5 euros annual fee and have their previous credit card exchanged.  

Stand-alone credit card or just a different design?

The “Artwood” edition of the Mastercard is not a separate offer in terms of content. The services are therefore the same as those of the selected model. Here you can choose between the BasicCard (prepaid credit card) and the ClassicCard (charge card).

Nevertheless, the campaign is considered a complete success and shows how regional marketing for banks can be operated successfully today. Hats off!

The wild card in everyday life - financial flexibility through credit cards?

Having your own credit card offers the customer numerous advantages at first glance:

  • Financial flexibility
  • Cashless and uncomplicated shopping
  • Attractive special services

But what is the financial joker really all about?

Planning beats spontaneity - at least in the financial sector

Credit cards generally allow flexible handling of your own finances, because purchases can be made that are only paid for later. Thus, the card seems to be the right solution for financial bottlenecks.

This is also true for smaller editions. On the other hand, if you need amounts ranging from several hundred euros to several thousand euros to bridge the gap, offers are like one Online instant loan at Vexcash better advice depending on the individual case. There are two main arguments in favor of repayment:

  • The repayment is made in a short period of time
  • The repayment is binding

Such regulations prevent those affected from ending up in a kind of interest rate trap because repayment is taken lightly and delayed. This also rules out the overdraft facility as a longer-term financial bridge, whereas financing with fixed repayment is ultimately the cheaper option.

When credit cards are particularly worthwhile

Credit cards are convenient and flexible because you can make cashless purchases at any time. The acceptance has also increased extremely in this country, which also explains the popularity of plastic money.

However, there are also situations in which credit cards are particularly interesting:

  1. Limitless source of cash on vacation

Vacation travel is often a challenge from a financial point of view. This is not just about cost for the overnight stay and the journey. The supply of cash in the respective local currency used to be associated with high exchange fees.

Credit cards have put an end to this fact in many cases: If your own card offers free cash withdrawals worldwide, the money is paid out in the current local currency - without any exchange fees!

A huge step forward that is one of the strongest arguments in favor of credit cards.

  1. Convenient means of payment for online purchases

Credit cards also regularly prove to be a very good means of payment when shopping online. The card can be linked to services such as PayPal and allows a smooth payment process.

Credit cards are often the only accepted source of payment, especially when shopping abroad. This is changing more and more due to new payment services, but currently the credit card is still the payment method with the greatest acceptance on the Internet.

Video: Don't Pay Any Credit Card Charges While On Vacation? You can find out how this works in this video.

Credit is credit - take a close look at revolving credit cards

"Getting new debts is not the best way to settle old debts!" - George Washington

Debt Thanks to Credit Cards? This problem arises above all with so-called revolving credit cardsalso known as “real credit cards”. The cardholder only has to repay a minimum amount each month and the rest is interest paid as credit.

Beware of the debt trap

If you don't look closely and regularly adjust the balance, you have similar problems as with the overdraft facility: The mountain of debt remains and high interest rates are due. The following calculation should show what that can mean financially:

Credit card balance

5.000 Euros

Interest rate (for the respective balance)


Interest after one year

599,50 Euros

Figure 1: Interest rate effect of revolving credit cards

Charge cards as an alternative - everything starts again

Charge cards, on the other hand, are a type of credit card in which the outstanding balance is completely debited from the account every month (or at the latest after two months).

The big advantage here: There is hardly any interest (only one month maximum term) and the cardholder is again debt-free.

This is really important with credit cards like the Mastercard

If you look at the service descriptions for credit cards, you will find numerous points there. But what is really important?

The answer is very simple: a credit card should serve its purpose and cost as little as possible!

Low interest and fees - the main features of credit cards

For this reason, a corresponding card should have the following characteristics:

  • Low fixed annual fee (preferably free of charge)
  • Low interest on the card balance
  • No foreign usage fee
  • No cash withdrawal fee (especially for credit cards for current accounts of direct banks)
  • Interest-free repayment period

All other performance features fall under the “nice to have” category. Certain discounts, bonus miles or insurance are interesting in individual cases, but certainly not for every potential cardholder. For this reason, it is better to focus on the basics first.

Graphics: Interestingly, the cost factor for the retailer is 15 times higher for payments with credit cards than for cash payments. The cost factor of the debit card is 3. Graphic source: Schwarzwaldportal

Graphic: Interestingly, the cost factor for the retailer is 15 times higher for payments with credit cards than for cash payments. The cost factor of the debit card is 3. Graphic source: Schwarzwaldportal

Credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa - if used correctly, an enrichment in everyday life

With the special Black Forest Mastercard, Volksbank Mitteler Schwarzwald has issued a product that has sparked great interest in the region. Demand is increasing and existing cards are also being exchanged to get the special design. This shows very impressively that regional lifestyle can also be integrated very well into marketing in the financial sector.

Incidentally, the Black Forest Mastercard is only a design upgrade and does not change the conditions of the Volksbank credit cards.

Use credit cards correctly and benefit!

However, when it comes to credit cards, cardholders should generally ask themselves in which situations the card offers additional benefits. Convenient cashless payments, the supply of cash on vacation and online shopping are, for example, areas of application in which the cards show their great strengths. If you also find the cheapest possible basic services when choosing a card and not just look at the additional services, you have a really helpful financial instrument.



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