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Wanderlust in the Black Forest: Find the right footwear for your route

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Summertime is hiking time! This is the best time of the year for real nature fans, because the great landscape is most beautiful in glorious sunshine. The selection is particularly large in the Black Forest and there are routes for every taste and level: from vineyards to gorges and panoramic trails. One of the most famous mountains for hiking in the region is probably the Feldberg, which at 1493 meters is the largest mountain in Germany outside the Alps. Good equipment for hiking is essential. The footwear in particular should meet the requirements, otherwise the hiking tour can quickly become a pain for the feet. In addition, you can avoid accidents with the right shoes or boots. You can find out which shoes are suitable for a successful hike here.

The terrain decides

The selection of hiking and trekking shoes is now so large that the right shoe can be found for every terrain. And that is also important, because the requirements for hiking in the mountains, for example, are completely different from those in the forest or on wet ground. So you should be clear about the landscape beforehand. It is also advisable to determine in advance how long and at what level you want to hike. If you are a beginner, you shouldn't choose routes that are too difficult. Then the shoe does not have to have any special cushioning or extreme strength.

Hiking boots: the eternal companion

A good, sturdy hiking shoe lasts forever. But first it has to be bought. Take your time when buying, especially when trying on them. The hiking shoe should have a tight outer membrane that helps transport sweat to the outside. Because no matter where you hike, sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable, they also easily cause blisters and calluses. Make sure that the hiking shoe can be easily laced. The shoe should also be slip-proof and robust. Toe caps are an advantage as they protect the toes from injuries caused by collisions with stones, rocks or roots. Waterproof lining and good padding prevent pressure and chafing. At Test reports, for example, help you choose your hiking bootsApart from that, there are hiking boots in many different price segments to suit all budgets and needs.

Trekking sandals: more than just a fad

If you see hiking as a casual leisure activity and don't want to climb any peaks, you can give your feet a little air. Trekking sandals are not only an absolute asset in everyday life, you can even hike with them. Will still need a little advice, finds here are some trekking sandalsknown for their comfortable fit on the foot. The same applies here: Make sure you have the right profile, a good hold in the shoe and comfortable lacing. There are extra water-resistant sandals for wading in the water. For hiking on mountainous terrain, a model with good lateral support and a strong profile should be used.  

Mountain boots for the via ferrata

Need a little thrill? Then quickly to the next via ferrata. This rather sporty activity requires special footwear. Mountain boots or climbing shoes with a thinner profile and a less cushioning sole offer greater security. The mobility of the foot, especially the shaft, should be guaranteed in the shoes. Good lateral stability shouldn't be neglected either. A breathable membrane and a high quality inner lining keep feet dry and free from blisters. Depending on the difficulty of the route, mountain boots for demanding tours can be a little more robust. Steep and rough ground demands a lot from hikers. It is important to wear a really "reliable" shoe with a stable shaft.