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Off on vacation - what should be on the packing list in autumn?

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Weeks before departure we are concerned with the question of what we want - or need to take with us. While the favorite things will find their place in the travel bag, we are happy to forego the boring but necessary things. After all, plasters, headache pills and mosquito repellent can be bought on every corner. But it's not that simple and a ticked off packing list is a gentle pillow in the days before the trip. So that you can sleep well before the long journey, it is advisable to list and tick the necessary preparations some time in advance.

Are your cat, plants and mailbox keys in caring hands? Clarified the rules of conduct with the teenagers staying at home? Then you can start planning the take-away items. So that the washing machine and dryer do not run out of steam shortly before you leave, it is best to put your holiday clothes freshly washed and folded aside a week before you start your journey. As few parts as possible should come back unworn, so planning a day is helpful. Three trips to the mountains and two evenings to a concert or to the opera? If you factor in a faux pas and plan an additional jacket for events, you can get over a red wine stain. Any additional clothing other than this one reserve takes up unnecessary space in the suitcase. For sporting leisure activities, high-quality functional clothing, a good watch and comfortable shoes should be packed. Depending on your thirst for adventure, special equipment such as a helmet or hiking sticks are included.

Anyone who is active on vacation should have a reliable watch with them. Especially in the mountains, stability and robust workmanship are important. Sports models from TAG Heuer are not only characterized by quality, but also by a stylish design and are therefore an excellent companion, not only on the way to the mountains. A watch is more than just a gadget, it also reflects the personality of the owner. The interest in sport and the choice of watch often complement each other. Technical know-how from motorsport and premium processing as well as innovative concepts are perfectly coordinated. No man should be satisfied with less. Anyone who decides on a wristwatch in today's digital age is demonstrating their style awareness. The cult status of a precision watch is like nothing. Tradition speaks for itself and convinces in connection with impressive technology.

In addition to the packing list, the question of the trappings is also important. Travel bag, suitcase or backpack - What is the best way to travel? If you have to cover long distances on foot or by bike, it is best to have a backpack. Many things can be packed in it to save space and numerous small pockets offer additional storage space for food, wallet or socks. A suit and an ironed blouse do not find a comfortable place in the backpack. Chic outfits for evening events are better off in a suitcase, which can be easily transported in the trunk of a car or in the storage compartment of the train wagon. It is not always possible to find a good compromise, as a longer vacation is often designed to be varied - leisure outfits, clothing and utensils walking tours and chic looks for the evening are a must. Many hotels offer an ironing service; alternatively, a suitcase can be checked in for dispatch in advance.