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Starting over in the Black Forest?

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Save on accommodation, leasing & co!

Once you've fallen in love with the Black Forest, you don't want to leave here at all - and that's actually not necessary. What speaks against moving the center of your life to the Black Forest?

For many who have previously lived in the city, breaking out of the urban environment is a secret dream that almost everyone cherishes. But what do you have to think about when you live in the Black Forest or at least want to spend an extended holiday here?

First of all, the accommodation is of course important - after all, you have to have a roof over your head somewhere, although the starry nights in the Black Forest are also very attractive. In addition, you also need a mobile stand in order to overcome the rural infrastructure. The question always arises whether or not you should buy your own car strikes in leasing deals.

In the following, we take a closer look at the things that have to be considered when moving to the Black Forest region. We also give tips on how to save a lot of money in many cases.


Live where others spend their holidays

The dream of one Life in the Black Forest is anything but unrealistic. There are now many dropouts who have either temporarily or even permanently settled in the Black Forest and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Living in the Black Forest doesn't mean that you absolutely have to move to the countryside. Large cities such as Baden-Baden, Freiburg, Karlsruhe or Stuttgart are in the immediate vicinity and can serve as a center of life. From here it is not far to the picturesque landscapes with a unique panorama and lots of untouched nature.

Find suitable accommodation

If you only want to spend a week in the Black Forest, you may have different demands on your domicile than someone who relocates the center of your life to the Black Forest. After all, on vacation you have enough time and don't have to worry too much about the connection. But if you want to live here permanently (or at least for a longer period of time), you should consider the infrastructure.

As already indicated, life in the Black Forest cannot be equated directly with life in the country. There are enough bigger cities that are big enough and have everything you need. At the same time, the entire region is very charming and exudes an aura that nature lovers simply love and offer more than most large cities with their gray city centers promise.


Rent, buy or something completely different?

The biggest dream for many is of course to build their own house in the Black Forest. Unfortunately, of course, it's always a question of money. Many properties in good locations are very expensive and the less connected properties are still in great demand.

In addition, it is also a huge step to give up your previous life and move to the Black Forest. If you are not yet 100% sure or would like to keep the option of retreating open, it might be better to rent it first.

But there are other options to find suitable accommodation in the Black Forest. Many vacation rental owners are open to discussions with permanent tenants who live in the property (almost) all year round. In return, they attract with high discounts. In the meantime - if you are somewhere else yourself, for example - the accommodation can then be (sub) rented to someone else.

This tip is of course also very suitable for property owners. Anyone who has a house or an apartment in the Black Forest always has the opportunity to do so to rent to tourists for a period of time. Providers like Airbnb have made it easy to quickly rent out interested parties and to make the financing of living expenses or the next vacation a little easier.

Do you need a car in the Black Forest?

Of course, it is a lot of fun to hike through the green and lush landscapes of the Black Forest or to enjoy the snow-covered panorama in winter. But reality quickly catches up with you when you have to do your daily shopping or plan activities that you cannot simply do on foot.

The more rural the region in which you live, the more dependent you are on being able to use a car. In the larger cities, public transport is so good that having your own car can only be described as a luxury. But for everyone who lives a little further out, a car can definitely be seen as an indispensable everyday helper.


Leasing or buying - which is more worthwhile?

Dreamlike nature awaits in the Black Forest

This is of course a classic question that cannot be answered across the board. Much depends on what your financial possibilities are, what you want a car and much more. In general, however, one can say that leasing is usually the safer option to always stay mobile.

If your own car is defective, you have to pay the full repair costs yourself, find a workshop anyway, etc. With leased vehicles, you can usually hope for more support from the dealer or the leasing company.

Tariffs in which regular services and maintenance are already included are particularly interesting. This can often save a lot of money when something really needs to be done.

If you want to move to the Black Forest, you can also try directly to find a trusted car dealer who can make you a good offer. Especially in smaller cities, the cohesion in the village community is often significantly greater than in the anonymous big city. Sometimes you can still profit financially from leasing in the Black Forest.


Conclusion: Life in the Black Forest can be a real dream

In conclusion, it can be said that some people can fulfill their dreams when they move to the Black Forest. Before that happens, you should of course already have found your favorite region and make the decision where you actually want to live.

Then the search for accommodation begins and a mobile pedestal should not be missing as the Public transport in the Black Forest is not sufficiently developed to cover all distances by bus or train - let alone by bike.

But if you are clever, you can save a bit of money on both accommodation and leasing a suitable vehicle in the Black Forest. In addition, the cost of living in rural areas is a bit lower anyway, which is due, for example, to the cheaper rents.

Those who are no longer dependent on a fast connection to the city center (e.g. retirees) can move a little further out in order to benefit as much as possible and to have a good life in the Black Forest.