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Living in the Black Forest

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The Black Forest as Germany's highest and largest low mountain range is a magnet for numerous tourists year after year. But the Black Forest has a lot more to offer than imposing mountains, romantic valleys and wild rivers. The Black Forest has long since established itself as an economically strong region in Baden-Württemberg. So it's no wonder that you can live and live perfectly here.


Work and live in an economically strong region

Many tourists associate the Black Forest with breathtaking panoramas and imposing mountains. Anyone who lives here knows, however, that the low mountain range is not only a popular holiday destination, but also has high economic potential. Thanks to tourism, there are many jobs in the hotel and hospitality industry here. But watch and jewelery production as well as precision engineering also make the Black Forest one economically strong region will. So it is not surprising that many are in favor of one move decide to go to the popular region. In addition, the many idyllic villages literally invite you to settle down here and a massif or Build prefabricated house to leave.


Living where others spend their holidays

The Black Forest includes many large cities that offer everything you need for life: shopping, leisure activities, doctors and hospitals, schools, jobs and a good infrastructure. Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, but also Baden-Baden, Freiburg and Villingen-Schwenningen are therefore popular places to live in this region.


Stuttgart - Baden-Württemberg attitude to life

Not far from the most famous sights of Stuttgart, the Baden-Württemberg attitude to life can be felt firsthand: The cityscape is characterized by many hills, vineyards and valleys (e.g. Stuttgart basin, Neckar valley), but also by green spaces (castle garden, Rosensteinpark) and by architectural monuments as well there is no lack of well-preserved church buildings. In addition, two major employers, Daimler and Porsche, are based here.


Karlsruhe - wonderful parks in the bustle of the big city

The city of 310.000 inhabitants not only houses a castle with beautiful parks but is also one of the most important European locations for information and communication technology. The most distinctive buildings include the castle tower in the castle garden as a recreation area in the city center, the market square with the Protestant town church and town hall and the Gartenstadt Karlsruhe estate. Theaters, cinemas, cultural centers and cabaret events ensure regular entertainment.


Baden-Baden - the spa town

As a health resort and spa town Baden-Baden long since made a name. At the edge of the Black Forest you can relax in hot thermal springs as well as in the Rastatter Ried nature reserve. The small town is surrounded by graceful vineyards. Local museums, such as the Roman bath ruins in Baden-Baden or the Fabergé Museum, offer variety as well as the Festspielhaus, the theater and the Kurhaus.


Freiburg im Breisgau - perfect for nature lovers and hikers

In Germany's southernmost city, a spectacular old town with the cathedral and the Bächle is fascinating. There are important buildings here, such as the medieval city gates that have been preserved, the historic department store and the Colombischlössle. With its many green spaces, walking paths and Nordic walking routes, Freiburg is a very green city. The regional economic center is characterized by forestry, viticulture, tourism, trade fair events, a university with a university clinic, and solar energy research and production facilities.

But the Black Forest is also a popular region for living away from the big cities: Aitern is not far from the most beautiful Black Forest viewing mountain, the Ballon; Aichhalden has made a name for itself as a rural recreation area with its charming landscape; Hinterzarten impresses with beautiful hiking trails, high-quality wellness and health offers as well as varied sports opportunities.