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Children's hiking trails in the Black Forest

More than 50 children's hiking trails in the Black Forest

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High mountains like the Feldberg, magical gorges and mysterious forests form the magnificent Black Forest on the border with the Alps, the sunny Rhine Valley and the French Vosges and in the east with the cozy Swabia. Far away from the big centers, there are surprising secrets, historical buildings and a self-confident rural culture to discover. Many Fairy tales and legends like that of the Cold Heart or the delightful story of the little sailor in the Glaswaldsee can be told on hikes. The air is intoxicatingly pure and you can enjoy authentic refreshments everywhere along the way. The Black Forest is like a large adventure park for the whole family.

Children's hiking trails in the Black Forest

The Black Forest Tourism has helped with a lot of love and know-how to create more suitable hiking trails especially for children throughout the low mountain range. Depending on the age of the children, the trails can be hiked in a short time of two to three hours or on longer tours. Entertaining and educational stops along the trails tell of the fairy tales and legends of the forests or the wonders of local nature. Fantastic views over the country and mysterious forest paths alternate. The paths are not strenuous to walk and are mostly suitable for strollers.

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Children's hiking trails
Badger Mountain
Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Grimli the badger and his five animal friends on the Dachsweg adventure trail in Dachsberg in the Hotzenwald.
The Auen-Wildernispfad near Altenheim in Neuried offers nature lovers and adventure seekers a 2,5-kilometer hiking tour through the Rheinauen landscape. On the way hikers can use the
The Schlawinerweg in the Simonswald is a family-friendly hiking trail in the Black Forest. The families set out to find Simon's hat and go
The Eibenwald adventure trail is located directly on the so-called Eibenkopf. The Eibenkopf is a nature reserve in the town of Waldshut. The Eibenwald adventure trail is intended to
The Enchanted Forest of Nagold is a forest adventure trail that is suitable for children, families, friends of the forest, kindergartens and school classes. Here elves, fairies, ghosts and
Set out and explore the volcanic landscape in the Kaiserstuhl with Knight Hugo. The 3,2 km long volcano adventure trail leads along a barrier-free children's hiking trail along the
The Bühlerhöhe wilderness trail on the Schwarzwaldhochstraße has existed since 2006. The hiking trail for children and adults runs through an approximately 70-hectare forest area,
The Wunderfitz path in Hohberg invites families with children to a great children's hike. On the WUNDERFITZ tour there are information boards for the forest as well
Bad herrenalb
The path is mostly natural and leads through a beautiful, old mixed forest. There are always opportunities along the way to take a break and relax
Lahr / Sulz
The Sulzbach water path in Lahr is a very special experience for all the senses. Here children and young people can experience nature, the body of water as a habitat
What to expect You can take a nice hike with your children on the Auerhahnsteig at Kaltenbronn. Here everything revolves around the wood grouse,
A hike with the whole family in the wonderful nature that you can experience in Schwärzenbach. Schwärzenbach is in the Upper Black Forest and is the highest
Bad Wildbad
The fairy tale trail in Bad Wildbad is a hiking trail for the whole family. With a length of only about 3,2 kilometers, it is also suitable for
If you want to experience the picturesque Black Forest, you have come to the right place on the Rosi Rotkehlchen adventure trail. If you listen more closely in the forest, you will become many
Bad Liebenzell
The Erkinger Weg in Bad Liebenzell - the legend about the giant Erkinger! According to legend, he lived in a valley a long time ago
The Muggenbrunn circular adventure trail is located in the beautiful Black Forest biosphere area south of Freiburg. The path invites the whole family to hike and explore the beautiful Black Forest
Take the ball, get set, go! The ball is constantly rolling on the hiking trail for children, the KugelWaldPfad, in Ühlingen-Birkendorf. Nobody gets bored on this children's hiking trail,
At the playground in Erlenschachenwald is the starting point for the 2 km long Bötzinger forest adventure trail for groups, school classes or families with children. All the way
The "Horneradsch" sensory and forest adventure trail in Todtnauberg is great hiking pleasure for parents and children. Mountain troll "Horneradsch" shows you its forest and the inhabitants
Going on a voyage of discovery with the whole family, the Kandern forest adventure trail is the ideal excursion destination. With a mixture of interesting information about ours
Buehler height
On the trail of the lynx through the Black Forest - the lynx trail on the Black Forest High Road offers lots of fun and excitement for young and old. Here
What can I experience with my children in the Schambachtal? There are all kinds of things to discover on the adventure trail. For example, a dry stone wall is
An adventure trail with a fun factor! The Hornberger-Schießen-Weg is located in the Black Forest Middle / North Nature Park. This tour is a special experience for children with lots of fun and games.
Haslach in the Kinzigtal
On the idyllic Haslach Forest Adventure Trail, children can experience the nature of the Black Forest up close. Eight adventure stations along the route ensure fun and games for the
The Glücksweg in Murgtal is an adventure trail in the northern Black Forest. New discoveries and experiences can always be taken with you on the way. In addition, the Glücksweg offers
Shooter Valley
In Schuttertal, children can look forward to many stations on the forest play path to romp, play and climb. The forest play path extends over a length of about
Even the children enjoy hiking on the wild animal trails in houses. The adventure trail brings out the animal world for both children and adults
Bad Griesbach
Go on vacation or an excursion in the Black Forest, not at home but in a local environment with forest and water. The stalking path meanders along the
In the Kinzigtal holiday region, the adventure path in Hausach offers fun and games for children. There are 20 adventure stations on the adventure trail on a 3
Get to know Kucky's bird world in Lenzkirch on adventurous paths with your family. Variety and fun are guaranteed in Kucky's bird world accompany us on the
Dead moss
We're talking about a great children's trail for young and old. The perfect place to get the pulse of nature again as a family
The nature experience path in Schonach is a leisure activity for families with children and is very varied. Numerous hands-on stations around the topic of forests are waiting
The children's hiking trail "Simon's Wunderfitzpfad" in Simonswald is very family-friendly but unfortunately not suitable for pushchairs. It also offers some places to stop for refreshments. The level of difficulty of the round trip is
This tour on the Kaiserstuhl is very family-friendly and promising. You can also marvel at some geological, botanical and faunal highlights. From vineyards to
The Baiersbronner Holzweg is a 2,2 kilometer long circular route. Families can then share their knowledge about the precious raw material wood there
hind tenders
When you visit the nature adventure trail, you and your family will experience nature with all your senses. The entire path is 4 km long. You should for
Educational fun for the whole family As a child you also dreamed of experiencing life as a damsel or a knight
Brief overview: Length: 4,2 km Duration: ~ 2 hours Opening times: May to October (depending on weather conditions) Tour with interactive stations particularly suitable for
The adventure trail for the whole family is 3,9 km long and comprises 88 m. The path is not suitable for pushchairs. The friendly wolf mascot "Lupus" accompanies you
The popular circular hiking trail offers its visitors an insight into the world of the high moor area and its unique flora and fauna. The Hornisgrinde with its almost 1.170
A very exciting and instructive hike takes those interested in the middle of the northern Black Forest to Kappelroddeck. According to a legend from 1356, it was drifting there
The "Hademar Waldwichtel" nature adventure trail in Oberhamersbach is around 2,3 kilometers long and has various stations and is open around the clock. Overall, it includes
What is the Schlühüwanapfad Grafenhausen? The Schlühüwanapfad Grafenhausen nature adventure trail is located in the middle of the idyllic Schlüchtsee and the Rothaus brewery. This 2,6 kilometer long circular route leads
On the way on the Wichtelpfad in the capercaillie forest In an enchanted forest high up on the Feldberg lives Velt, the Feldbergwichtel with his friends: Massive, the
The magic trail on the Hasenhorn was created especially for the young and young at heart. This is a great way for children to have fun hiking. Certainly
There is a lot to discover for young and old on the Rötenbacher Ant Trail. The starting point of the children's hiking trail is the Hardt hiking car park. From there it goes
The magic forest path leads 2,5km through the Taubermoos in Bernau. The narrow paths lead over roots and stones past bog brooks, mosses, ferns and wild berries
On Boxing Day 1999, hurricane Lothar raged and left large parts of the Black Forest in a snow of devastation. On the Schwarzwaldhochstraße (B500) in

Enjoyment experiences at Freudenstadt

Such paths can be found in the foothills of the Black Forest in the north as well as in the Black Forest and in the sunny south. We have selected a few examples for families with young children. In the far north beckons Freudenstadt the Giant Fir Gourmet Path. It starts at the Teuchelwald forest car park. Giant firs watch along the way, including the largest fir in the Black Forest on a small detour (approx. 1 kilometer). These trees were previously rafted to Rotterdam on the Rhine. This real Black Forest trail lets you experience the magic of the forest and is more suitable for families with slightly older children. The Kienberg offers some hiking pleasure:

    • Miniature golf
    • Treading water
    • Swings
    • Waldcafé Teuchelwald.

The Achertal in the northern Black Forest

In the far north, on the edge of the Black Forest National Park, the Achertal meanders from the Upper Rhine Plain to the highest point of the Black Forest, the Hornisgrind with views far across mountains and valleys. In the Achertal lies the winner of the state competition for family holidays, the national park community Seebach. More than 100 children's events are offered here every year. Nature offers many beautiful family hikes in the foothills of the Black Forest, which does not rise too steeply, often with a view over the Rhine Valley.

A hike in the Achertal to the Dasenstein Hex

Just south of Saasbachwalden, with its gourmet culture and a stunning view of the Rhine Valley, the Dasenstein Hex is waiting for visitors from young to old in the red wine village of Kappelrodeck. The approximately three-hour hiking trail with views to Strasbourg Cathedral starts at the Schützenhaus. It is suitable for children and strollers. Hikers can log in at hotspots along the path leading through forests and vineyards. The story of the little witch is experienced in multimedia, great fun for children. You can rest at the Dasensteinhütte right next to the rock. Older visitors can enjoy wine tasting in the wine cellar of the same name. It is located in Kappelrodeck and is one of the 100 best companies in Germany.

From Seebach to the Mummelsee

Between the dark fir trees shines on the top Black Forest High Road for Mummelsee like a dark gem with a cozy hotel on the shore. A family hiking trail of no more than 30 minutes leads from the Mummelsee, the grind path, high up the mountain without a steep gradient, during which the dark legend of the Virgin of Mummelsee is told. On the Hornisgrinde you climb a viewing tower, which rewards you with magical views over mountains and valleys. After returning to Mummelsee, there is real Black Forest cake in the hotel.

The magic land on the Kinzig near Loßburg

At the outdoor pool Lossburg a path leads to the magic land on the Kinzig, which runs through the Black Forest to the Rhine. The path is about 2 kilometers long, suitable for prams and also leads back to Lossburg as a 4-kilometer circular route. Winni, the water drop girl, tells the exciting story of many water drops. It is good to have a change of clothes with you for the water playground. Tree houses and witches' houses can be climbed safely via rope ladders. At the end of the path, the ladder to heaven leads straight into the sky of the pine peaks.

The Horneradsch forest adventure trail near Todtnau in the Upper Black Forest



Further to the south are the peaks of the High Black Forest with their deep forests. Between Feldberg and Ballon the city is picturesquely located Todtnau with magnificent church buildings and authentic village streets. In Todtnauberg, a little to the north, not far from the local waterfalls, the mountain troll Horneradsch invites you to a nature adventure trail with wondrous attractions along the way:

    • insects hotels
    • Tree phones
    • Sensing stations
    • a playground
    • Rest hut and Black Forest ham.

The graveled hiking trails along the little ascending path around the Todtnauberger Horn are easy to hike, but not ideal for prams. The route takes around an hour without a break. In winter, Todtnau Tourismus provides information on daily groomed paths into the winter wonderland.

On the trail of the Wichtelmann in Hinterzarten

Between the Feldberg and Titisee-Neustadt is the home of the Upper Black Forest town of Hinterzarten. The first 1,5 kilometers of the nature trail there are also suitable for prams. After returning, the ice cream parlor at the start and finish point in the center of Hinterzarten offers a refreshing ice cream. There is an obstacle course for the little ones. The path provides conversations with nature via a tree telephone, a Kneipp water treading facility, a willow tunnel and a barefoot course. In the second part, a male wood elf is pursued into the forest. Many animals can be observed at the eagle pond. Take a picnic with you for a break at the eagle pond!

Interactive museum and wooden friends near Schluchsee

It's funny in Grafenhausen southwest of the beautiful Schluchsee. There the Schlühüwanapfad lures, which is nothing more than an abbreviation for "Schlüchtsee-Hüsli-Wald-Nature-Park". You park at the Rothaus tourist information office and off you go. The path is lined with imaginative wooden figures that accompany the path through barefoot paths and past tree telephones and a forest xylophone. The trail is suitable for strollers and takes about 2 hours. If you still have strength, make a detour via the outdoor pool Schluchsee and enjoy the fresh water there. In Grafenhausen you will learn a lot about black culture and nature in a sensual and exciting way. Children's backpacks are lent at the tourist office.

A farmer's path on Lake Constance

In the far south the mountains border on Lake Constance, on whose northern bank Kressbronn beckons to rural experiences. The path starts in the Berg district and leads to the Straussner Halde. From there there is a stunning view over the lake and the Austrian and Swiss Alps to the Säntis. Along the way, sensually designed stations provide information about hops, wine, berries, fruit, forests, cattle and dairy farming. For a change, there is play and climbing equipment for the children. 300 meters from the path there is a fun labyrinth in the maize field near Nitzenweiler. The walk takes about 1,5 hours and is suitable for strollers.

Enjoy hiking over hills and through forests in the western Black Forest

In the north of Freiburg and Emmendingen, the beautiful Black Forest town of Freiamt rests in the midst of romantic hills. In winter the snow enchants the village, in spring it blooms and in autumn the colors orange and brown come into their own. The families enjoy hiking in the hilly environment with little incline. At 18 stations, the Freiamt forest adventure trail also provides information about the wonders of the Black Forest's nature in its own forest herb garden and on the way over the Rollberg. Other stations offer fire pits, a forest playground, a beekeeping, a high seat and a historic charcoal burner place. The path measures 2,5 kilometers and is suitable for prams.

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