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Apartments and vacation rentals for tour groups

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Holidays on the campsite are very inexpensive, but not for everyone: young people who do not keep to the rest times at night, showers and toilets that are shared with other campers, uncomfortable sleeping mats on uneven ground. The campsite has an advantage especially for those who want to spend a holiday together with their friends. But there is an inexpensive alternative for group travelers that offers significantly more comfort: a private bathroom with shower, comfortable beds in separate bedrooms, your own kitchen and plenty of communal living space - the holiday home.

A holiday apartment is particularly suitable for active vacationers who take their time into their own hands and are looking for a communal experience. They cook and shop together and run the “vacation” household the way they want. The travelers do not have to be tied to any specific times, but can devote themselves entirely to their daily rhythm. Spontaneous activities can be carried out just as easily in the holiday home as sleeping in late. But how can one Apartment in Spain keep up with the price of the campsite? - By sharing costs.

The advantage of a holiday apartment is that the rental costs are fixed, apart from the energy costs. This inevitably makes the accommodation cheaper because several people share it. A well-equipped holiday apartment for 350 euros per week rent costs 10 euros per person per day for a group of six - so the holiday apartment can exclude the price of any campsite. At the same time, holidaymakers can organize sociable evening barbecues on their own terrace. In the meantime, many vacation rental agents are offering separate properties whose bookings have been canceled at short notice. In order to rent the apartments again as quickly as possible and to avoid loss of rent, many owners go down with the rental price and offer them last minute. Those who are not determined when choosing their vacation spot can even save even more money with these offers. Last minute holiday apartments are available in all European countries, whether in Greece, Spain or Turkey. When choosing a holiday home, vacationers should not only look at the price, but also pay attention to the comfort the apartment offers. Since the holidaymakers have to cater for themselves, they should, for example, make sure that the cooking facilities are sufficient for the size of the tour group. There should also be enough sleeping facilities. Group travelers should also make sure that the apartment has enough common living space in addition to the bedrooms that can be used by everyone. - This promotes cohesion and the community experience