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Feldsee on the Feldberg

Feldberg trail

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Hiking on the Feldberg is nothing special, but on the Feldberg Steig it is. The 12km long tour literally leads over hill and dale, small scrambles peppered with wonderful views of the Black Forest are an experience for hikers big and small.


The narrow path leads around the Feldberg and starts on House of nature. The Feldberg The trail starts steeply and runs first to the Bismarkturm and the mountain station of the Feldberg Bahn. It is also possible to take the Feldberg Bahn directly to the top. The trail continues over the Feldberg summit to the St. Wilhelmer Hütte, Zastler Hut, Baldenweger Hut and then over the Raimatihof to the Feldsee. From the Feldsee, a karst area from the glacial period, the Feldberg Steig leads through untouched forest back up to the starting point.

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