Dreisam Nebula
Dreisam Nebula

Dreisam Nebula


Florian Buchmann, former SC player Freiburg and meanwhile a delicatessen and wine merchant in one place on the Kaiserstuhl, is facing his next exciting criminal case: Ulla, the wife of the village mayor and Buchmann's lover, is organizing the anniversary "30 years of wine princesses in Gottratskirchen". But a previous wine sovereignty is surprisingly absent from the event - and also seems to have disappeared without a trace.

Ulla asks Buchmann for help. The missing woman last worked as an operating room nurse and Florian still has contacts with the university clinic from his football days. His search leads him first to an Albanian soccer professional, then to the idyllic Glottertalwhere Albanians were involved in criminal machinations. Buchmann, supported by his friend in the Freiburg police, is downright biting into the case. Suddenly another young woman is missing ...

More info: http://www.silberburg.de/index.php?2029-Dreisamnebel

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