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Publication: The Cheval Forests


Black Forest 1881: The adventurous seafarer Maximilian Breuer is supposed to return to his home town of Adlersberg and there meets his lively childhood sweetheart Maria again.

Old memories catch up with him. He stands in front of the ruins of his parents' estate Cheval and has to make some difficult decisions.

Only when the inconspicuous Elisabeth takes up space in his life does he know what he really wants.

Through them he gets to know the contrasts of their time:

magnificent balls, arrogance of class, bitter hardship, intrigue and shattering poverty.

And he gets to know love ...

“The Cheval Forests” - a rousing and emotionally charged novel. The story of a great love against a wonderful backdrop

a small town in the Black Forest.

The author works as an industrial clerk and lives in Fröhnd in the Black Forest.

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