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Deutsche Alleenstrasse
Deutsche Alleenstrasse

German avenue road in the Black Forest


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The initiative for avenue streets has existed in Germany since 1190. The citizens worried about the unique landscapes from north to south and that these would be sacrificed for road construction. Several associations started the community for the protection of the German forest and the avenue roads. The project is called: “Save the avenues.!

These protected roads extend from Mecklenburg Western Pomerania to the Ruhr area. To the south it extends into the Black Forest and leads past attractive health resorts. Be it Pforzheim, the city of goldsmiths, or Calw, the city of poets and thinkers, a hitchhike is always worthwhile. Bad Wildbad is home to the famous spa gardens with the English church and the Palais Thermal, a historic thermal bath complex. In Karlsruhe, the zoo and the castle with its picture gallery beckon.

In the Black Forest, the Deutsche Alleenstrasse leads from Bad Kreuznach to Freudenstadt. From there the avenue leads to the island of Reichenau, the fruit and vegetable plantation of Lake Constance. The half-timbered houses and the romantic alleys in the Black Forest lead back to a time when everything was even more comfortable and slower. There is still good German gastronomy and even home-made jams from Faller. In Triberg, the waterfalls and the cuckoo clocks and the four-star hotel, where Goethe was a guest, beckon. Whether you are interested in jewelry, model trains or watches, there is something interesting for every taste. Lovers of wellness can be pampered, athletes go on a ski hike or a pleasure hike with a guide. In Schömberg there is a community of happiness and nice shops for shopping. Far away from the autobahn, wonderful landscapes and experiences can be found on site.

Which route to choose can be decided in advance by searching the Internet for the sights along Deutsche Alleenstrasse. The untouched nature with the many forests alone makes the trip an experience. Everywhere there are guided tours on nature trails or even mushroom picking tours in autumn. Let yourself be enchanted and make frequent stops in one of the charming towns along Deutsche Alleenstrasse:

    • Bad HerrenalbHere is one of the largest parks in Germany with a variety of options for sports and other activities.
    • Bad Wildbad is located between Pforzheim and Freudenstadt in the northern Black Forest.
    • Baden-Baden, the world-famous spa town, has a favorable climate and early spring and long, sunny autumn. Due to the favorable location near the Rhine and protected by the heights of the Black Forest.
    • Baiersbronn This is where the Baden-Swabian border is located and the largest forest area, almost eighty percent of the area consists of forest.
    • Enzklösterle, the largest raised bog area in Germany is located between Bad Wildbad and Freudenstadt.
    • Freudenstadt is located directly on Deutsche Alleenstrasse.
    • Gaggenau This is where urban life and culture can be found. The Murg offers pretty walking paths and there are also designated paths far away from the streets for passionate hikers.
    • The beautiful old town with Eberstein Castle is worth a visit. The Kaltenbronn moor and the “Gernsbacher Runde” also attract many guests to Gernsbach. The health resort offers everything for a relaxing and interesting stay.
    • The cityscape of Horb am Neckar is one of the most beautiful in Germany and the place is known for having particularly pretty corners. Get an idea of ​​it for yourself during a hitchhike.
    • Loffenau The state-approved health resort is situated in an attractive landscape between Baden-Baden, Bad Herrenalb and other interesting places on the route of the Deutsche Alleenstrasse.
    • Seewald Here you can go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the alpine ski circus, you can enjoy pristine nature in the snow in the climatic health resort.

      The following small towns are attached to Seewald: Allmandle, Besenfeld, Eisenbach, Erzgrube, Göttelfingen, Hochdorf, Schernbach, Schorrental, Morgental, Omersbach and Urnagold.

Image source: - R.-Andreas Klein

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