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Accommodation for people with disabilities

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In the Black Forest, people with physical and mental disabilities also enjoy vacation:

The Black Forest in particular is known for its healing climate, beautiful nature and many cultural and traditional events. Thousands come to various places in the Black Forest every year to enjoy their vacation here. Hotels and holiday apartments have come up with a lot so that people with disabilities can also enjoy their vacation. On the following page you will find an overview of handicapped accessible accommodations.

What does the handicapped accessible accommodation look like

Most of the holiday apartments are on the ground floor, so there is no need to climb stairs into the house. The rooms are large. Smaller rooms are usually not as closely stocked with furniture as is sometimes the case. The beds are well placed in the room so that they can also be approached with a wheelchair. Door frames are wider than in other apartments. Some landlords also have cushions on the door frames or edges to prevent scratches if the wheelchair gets stuck.

Hotel access for people with disabilities:

The hotels usually have a separate entrance for wheelchair users with a ramp. The entrance hall, dining room, lounge and room are large, clear and easy to use for wheelchair users. Likewise, designated rooms (mostly on the ground floor) are specially designed for people with disabilities. Every guest can feel at home here.

What about the rest of the facilities in the hotel

The bar is spacious and there is enough space between the tables for guests with disabilities. But not only the handicapped accessible accommodations are important, the wellness area should also be accessible to all guests. Some hotels have extra large saunas with wide doors and extra low benches.

The extra vacation with barrier-free access

Not only hotels and others keep up with the times and provide more and more barrier-free access, holidays on the farm in the Black Forest can also become a real experience for people with disabilities.

Handicapped accessible accommodations for people with intellectual disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities also like to treat themselves to a great holiday, usually with someone they are accompanied. Here you should indicate when booking that there is a disability. This allows the hotel or holiday complex to find the best room.

Dare yourself and simply contact the provider directly and speak honestly and clearly with the landlords is the best prerequisite for a great disabled-friendly holiday.