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Pizza a la Black Forest - a success story

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Pizza is one of the most popular meals among Germans. So it's not surprising that the Black Forest region is no exception. There is even a regional variant of its own, which is yours Entry into the Black Forest cookbook has achieved. If you want to enjoy a real Black Forest pizza, you should definitely try the recipe included there. The special thing about the Black Forest variant is the Black Forest ham that is part of the topping. This also applies to the Black Forest pizza. However, this is not a pizza in the strict sense, but rather a hearty topped rye bread. The Black Forest region and pizza therefore have a very special relationship.

The pizza track record

Officially the pizza exists the first pizzeria since 1830 opened in Naples, Italy. The pizza bread focaccia, which is still widespread today, has been around since Roman antiquity. It is thanks to Italian emigrants that pizza was able to spread beyond the Italian borders. They carried the recipe for the pizza and thus one of the greatest culinary success stories out into the world. The piece, which is good in the truest sense of the word, landed a special coup in the USA. Americans eat an impressive 1960 tons of pizza a year. It was also the Americans who developed frozen pizza in the 1987s. In the USA, October has even been an official month of pizza since XNUMX. Pizza fans can also order the most expensive pizza in the world in the USA. who in the restaurantNino's Bellissima“ in New York shells out a whopping 1.000 US dollars, she gets. Prepared a day in advance, featuring six types of caviar, salmon and lobster, this pizza is truly exquisite. The record holders for the largest pizza in the world, on the other hand, are its inventors, the Italians. The masterpiece baked in Rome in 2012 was an impressive 40 meters in diameter.

One of the best pizzerias in Italy is located in the northern Italian city of Milan. The "Restaurant Pizzeria Maruzzella" at the Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan 3 spoils its guests with a particularly delicious variant. From Milan airport the restaurant in the city center is only 30 minutes away.

How the Germans love their pizza

The Germans have also taken pizza to their hearts. After all, every second person in this country lists them as their favorite food. The delivery service has in his Pizza Report determines that Hamburg is the German stronghold for pizza orders.

With the delivery servicePizza Blitz“ knows the portal too the most popular pizza provider in Bonndorf. Incidentally, the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate brings up the rear in terms of ordered pizza.

When it comes to the most popular type of pizza, the salami pizza is unbeaten at the top. This applies to both the order option and the purchase of frozen pizza. Real bargain hunters will find the cheapest offer in the city of Essen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Stuttgart (Baden-Württemberg) demands the highest price for salami pizza in Germany. And where do Germans prefer to eat their pizza? It is preferably consumed on the sofa at home.

The "progeny" the pizza

All over the world, the pizza has not only been accepted and spread, but in many cases also developed further. For example, the now well-known variant of the Hawaiian pizza comes from Canada. The Americans raised the pizza with the thick airy pizza crust to the pizza "American style". And in Scotland deep-fry the pizza gladly once. It is hardly surprising that the strong bacon variant has developed its own specialty in the Black Forest.

A story with no happy ending

No, there is no happy ending for the pizza. But that is no reason for sadness, because the reason is simple: the success story of pizza simply does not end. Hardly any dish is such a popular "perennial". In addition, the history of pizza is not just the success story of a timeless classic. It offers a good example of innovation, peculiarities and curiosities. The pizza accompanies us in the Black Forest and around the world. In this sense: Bon appetit!