Black Forest panorama in 360 °

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The southern Black Forest - panorama of a bird
Germany has a lot to offer in terms of nature, even if this is all too seldom emphasized. Especially in the southern regions of Germany you can find numerous forests, which together with small lakes become true spectacles of nature. This is also the case in the Black Forest, which lies on the border with France near Stuttgart. Those who want their dream vacation in a quiet, relaxed and above all peaceful environment would probably feel right at home here.

However, so that everyone who does not necessarily live in the area around the Black Forest can get an impression of the magnificence of this spectacle in advance, there is the possibility of taking a panoramic tour of the southern Black Forest using our website. The recordings are made from the air and allow an ideal view in all directions.

A special experience can be captured at the same time with the help of VR glasses, with which the user can feel as free as a bird over the southern Black Forest. All you have to do is turn your head to get a different perspective - an experience for the whole family.

The fascination of aerial photography

In doing so, aerial photos were selected very specifically to give the best first impression. Hardly anything fascinates people as much as the feeling of freedom and control. With the help of the panorama tour over the southern Black Forest on our website, both factors are brought together - the user is able to experience the advances in technology for himself!

We have always been impressed by impressive overall images of vast landscapes and large squares. The feeling of being on a par with the splendor that we are getting close to at this moment is incomparable and must be experienced by each individual for himself, what is conveyed to you here.

VR glasses make it possible

Such a Black Forest panorama cannot be seen everywhere. Especially with the help of VR glasses, the entire experience can be raised to a completely different level. In most cases, this advanced technology is only used for video games and the like. The idea of ​​an adventure in relation to a Black Forest panorama reaches completely different strands and shows the pioneering task our website takes on.

Convince yourself of such an experience now and use the overview map of the southern Black Forest to get an idea of ​​everything we have to offer - you will probably not find anything in the immediate future that equals this experience!

Such virtual tours are only used by certain architects in order to give the customer a comprehensive picture of what they have envisioned before the desired property is built. Such a tour through the southern Black Forest, on the other hand, can only be captured in the form of a bird - take your chance!

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