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Mountain bikers at the Feldsee
Mountain bikers at the Feldsee

With a safe bike through the Black Forest


Cycling in the Black Forest is more than just cozy family fun: racing cyclists and mountain bikers train here. The area is simply beautiful, as there is a lot of nature and developed bike paths. So there is the right terrain for every cycling fan. But one thing is particularly important: You can only have fun if the bike is properly equipped and, above all, is roadworthy. This cannot be taken for granted, because mountain bikes and racing bikes in particular are not designed as normal means of transport in road traffic. Therefore, they are often not used at all by the manufacturer Components that are required by the road traffic regulations, fitted. Don't worry: every bike can be retrofitted.

Why cycle in the Black Forest of all places?

There are numerous bike tours in the Black Forest that offer something for everyone at different levels of difficulty. Panoramic routes lure with good views. Downhill runs are a lot of energy-saving fun, because you can go up by train or bike bus. And the relaxed paths on the plain are even suitable for families with children. The Black Forest offers numerous accommodations, so that longer bike trips with overnight stays are possible. You don't need a tent and sleeping bag, but of course your luggage still has to be stowed away somehow.

Traffic safety comes first

It doesn't matter whether it's a mountain bike, racing bike, trekking bike or children's bike: anyone who uses public transport, i.e. uses cycle paths or roads, must have a roadworthy bike. Practically every bicycle dealer knows which components are required for this. The most important aspects are:

  • a red reflector and a red taillight on the back of the bike, which make the bike more visible
  • a clearly audible bicycle bell on the handlebars
  • a white reflector in front and in the direction of travel
  • two independent brakes for front and rear wheel (no matter if handbrake or coaster brake)
  • a white lamp at the front to illuminate the path and improve visibility
  • Cat eyes or silver reflectors in the spokes or on the tires
  • non-slip pedals with two reflectors each

Sports bikes such as mountain bikes or racing bikes are often supplied by the manufacturer without lamps and bells, sometimes even without reflectors. The infographic shows how that Bike equipped to be roadworthy can be.

Nice additions that prove themselves in traffic

Extras such as mudguards, luggage racks, chain guards, bike stands, gears and bike locks are not mandatory for use in road traffic, but have proven themselves in practice. Especially when the bike is used in the city or for longer tours. And the luggage rack plays a special role here: Bags are attached here that hang down on the right and left. A change of clothes, rainwear, spare shoes and everything else you need can be found here. The low center of gravity to the right and left of the rear wheel ensures that the bike remains stable on the road despite the load.

With the right equipment, nothing stands in the way of a cycling holiday in the Black Forest

If the equipment of the bike and the right driving technique true, nothing can stand in the way of a longer bike tour or a sporty training session in the Black Forest. The tour can be enjoyed with more fun and joy when the security is right.


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