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Mineral springs, history and casino? What Baden-Baden has to offer


The famous health resort Baden-Baden lies in the heart of the Black Forest and is rich in culture and history. It also offers healing Thermal baths and a full range of entertainment and attractions. Characterized by the buildings of the Romans, who left their footsteps here 2.000 years ago, Baden-Baden is even referred to as a kind of little Rome in Germany. With only 54.600 inhabitants, Baden-Baden is the smallest of the nine independent cities of Baden-Württemberg, which, however, does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the diverse possibilities of the city. Whether it's the historic-style casino with its many poker events, the city's many health spas with healing properties, the many historical sights and buildings or the new hip scene with bars, clubs and shopping opportunities - many reasons attracted over a million in 2017 Overnight guests in the city of casino and bathing culture.

The city of Baden-Baden

Hardly any other city in Germany is better known as a health resort and spa town than the city of Baden-Baden. With an area of ​​around 140 km², it is the smallest district town in the state of Baden-Württemberg. Here visitors are offered a multitude of attractions. The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden, the second largest concert hall in Europe, is particularly famous. Baden-Baden is also known for the legendary casino, which boasts a historical style and offers many poker events. Almost superfluous to mention are the many thermal baths with the healing spring water, thanks to which the city can even call itself a health resort. The city has recently become known as a hip destination thanks to its shopping opportunities and nightlife, even among younger visitors, which was also evident in the 4,6 percent increase in visitor numbers last year. Baden-Baden is a city with culture, history, breathtaking nature and lots of activities.

A city rich in history


An extraordinary atmosphere with a historic interior awaits you in Casino Baden-Baden

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Baden-Baden already has a long history that can be discovered and experienced in many places when visiting the city. It was the Romans who discovered Baden-Baden's valuable thermal water 2.000 years ago and who finally built the city's first baths and buildings, some of which can still be admired today. Soldier baths with underfloor heating and imperial baths with detailed marble decorations were built, the ruins of which can still be seen today below the Friedrichbad and the market square. At that time the city was still called Aquae, but in the Middle Ages the Margraviate of Baden held residence here, which gave the country the name Baden.

The city's heyday came in the 19th century. Thanks to the French author, Eugène Guinot, who raved about the city in his travel guide, it was given the appendix “European summer capital”. Famous people from the nobility, culture and politics were particularly drawn to the city at this time, which further strengthened Baden-Baden's image. At that time, the city achieved immense income, among other things through the construction of the casino, which was finally built in 1748 after the licensing of gambling in 1838. Since then, Casino Baden-Baden has gained an immense reputation and given the city a real casino culture. The casino is known for the many poker tournaments that are held here. What is special here is how the various variants of modern poker, such as Texas Hold'em Poker, Omaha Hold'em Poker or Seven Card Stud Poker, meet the elegant and historic atmosphere of the Baden-Baden Casino. Anyone who wants to take part in one of the numerous poker games here can Online poker train anytime on the internet and on the go, so that you don't appear as a poker amateur at the prestigious Baden-Baden casino.

An extraordinary atmosphere with a historic interior awaits you in Casino Baden-Baden 

Diverse activities in Baden-Baden

Increasingly many visitors are drawn to the city of mineral springs. Baden-Baden has an immense selection of activities in its repertoire for visitors. From the thermal baths for spa enthusiasts, to breathtaking nature for active vacationers, to lots of culture and history for every history lover. In Baden-Baden in the Black Forest, every visitor gets their money's worth.

On cure in Baden-Baden

Anyone who goes on a cure either wants to prevent possible diseases or improve their conditions. The many health resorts and spas in Germany, which recorded over 2016 million overnight stays in 71, are particularly significant. Baden-Baden is very important here, after all, around half of these overnight stays were in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Spa and health trips are experiencing an upswing; In 2016, 16% of Germans said they could imagine such a vacation - after all, the effect is great. You can either drive 40 times to the North Sea or visit the Salina sea salt grotto in Baden-Baden once, which has 40 times the salt content of the North Sea. The mixture of salts from the Dead Sea and the Himalayas, which get into the deepest areas of the lungs as nanoparticles, is a true dream for the respiratory system. Out twelve springs at a depth of around 2.000 meters Every day, a total of 800.000 liters of thermal water at a temperature of 68 degrees bubble to the surface. This power of nature is rounded off by numerous, excellently equipped clinics with specialists and therapists.

Holidays for active people

But not only spa vacationers are at the right address in Baden-Baden, because everyone who enjoys active activity is well catered for thanks to the immense range of outdoor opportunities. With 85,8 km² of forest area, which corresponds to a share of 61 percent, the largest urban forest in Germany is in Baden-Baden. Between the Badener Höhe and the Black Forest High Road includes the city a share of Black Forest National Park, whereby the city loses seven nature reserves, 60 percent of which are subject to landscape protection. These include the Geroldsauer waterfall and the Wolfsschlucht gorge. The nature around Baden-Baden invites you to go cycling, after all, on July 28, 1817, the very first mountain bike ride in history took place on the way from Gernsbach to Baden-Baden. Also hiking, walking, various water sports, Climbing and skiing in winter are further options for active vacationers.

City exploration for culture fans and hip people

Every visit to Baden-Baden is rounded off with plenty of history and culture. While strolling through the city, a multitude of historical buildings can be viewed while you soak up the unique atmosphere in the many small alleys of Baden-Baden. Modern artists as well as the works of old artists are exhibited on the museum mile, the festival hall, in which the best orchestras in the world perform, Baden-Baden has also given Baden-Baden the name of the international festival city, the casino offers a unique historical atmosphere and an attractive destination for poker players and the spa house from the 19th century also beckons. In addition to this cultural offer, there are also plenty of contemporary attractions such as the SWR3 New Pop Festival, a variety of luxury shopping opportunities, poker events in the casino, as well as lots of hip bars, clubs and restaurants, which now drive many young guests to the city.

Baden-Baden is a city in the Black Forest that attracts visitors to its city walls with a long history, a deep culture, the healing springs and many other attractions and opportunities. No matter what kind of vacation you are looking for, Baden-Baden has something to offer for everyone.

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