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Baden Wine Route for connoisseurs

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Do you like to enjoy wine? Then come to the Baden Wine Route in the Black Forest.

Location of the Baden Wine Route

Where exactly is the inviting Baden Wine Route? As for the location of the Baden Wine Route, it can be mentioned that it goes from Lake Constance to Tauberfranken. The Baden Wine Route is located in the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland. This makes it an attractive holiday destination for tourists from these countries. Its route is about 400 kilometers long and it is divided into nine wine regions.

The jewel of the route

Discover the historic city of Heidelberg with its world-famous university. Visit Heidelberg Castle and pay a visit to the "German Pharmacy Museum" which can be found in the courtyard. But that's not all. Stroll across the "Old Bridge", also known as the "Carl Theodor Bridge". Stroll through the winding streets of the famous old town. Embark on the perfect mixture of idyll and history that make the city of Heidelberg seem picturesque.

Prosperous area meets nature

Not only the city of Heidelberg is picturesque and world-famous. Baden-Baden can also proudly join this rank. The Lichterallee in the middle of Baden-Baden offers you a perfect local recreation area. Would you like to immerse yourself in the Baden crowd? Then visit the largest casino in the world and try your luck. In addition, Baden-Baden can give you vitality. It is not for nothing that one thinks of there Thermal baths. Once you have recovered, you can organize your evening culturally. Germany's largest festival theater is in Baden-Baden. Go to an opera or a concert.

Tasting of Baden wines in the Alte Wache

The vinotheque in the Alte Wache in will make a culinary dream come true Freiburg in Breisgau. You can visit these from Monday to Saturday. Enjoy regional wines and feel like you are on vacation. You will get this feeling anyway, because the Mediterranean climate will immediately flatter you. If you are already in Freiburg im Breisgau, be sure to visit Freiburg Minster. However, please note that viewings are not permitted during church services. The entrance fee for adults is two euros per person. Reduced it costs 1,50 euros per person. This price applies to pupils and students. There is also a group discount. In this case, entry costs only one euro per person. Here is good news for children up to 14 years of age. They are allowed to visit the Minster from the inside free of charge.

Wine festivals on the Baden Wine Route

Keep your loved ones company at one of the wine festivals along the famous route. Celebrate your birthday, for example, at one of these parties and toast with joy.
Kaiserstuhl wine region

Kaiserstuhl wine region

Various activities in the vineyards

Whether you are a sports fanatic or whether you prefer to take it easy. Or you are interested in the production of the respective wines. In any case, you won't go out empty-handed. Because there is something for everyone. From the wine hike to the overnight stay and getting to know the wineries, the choice is huge. Decide for yourself or take part in everything.

History of the Wine Route

This wine route has been around for 65 years. That is, since 1954, it has been running through Baden's wine region. At the beginning of the 50s, which were marked by a considerable post-war period, the intention was to promote the Baden wine, the region as well as the country and the people. This was achieved by a post bus decorated with fir branches, which in May 1954 traveled a section of the Baden wine region. Before that, he picked up the passengers from Augustaplatz in Baden-Baden. In addition, the 60th anniversary was celebrated in 2014 and was very well received. Become a part of this history by visiting Baden's wine country and enjoying the regional diversity there to the fullest. The Baden Wine Route is enchanting for young and old. Go on a trip with your children or with your grandchildren. Give your loved ones an unforgettable and special experience. Don't wait long, start exploring the route this spring, preferably in May. You will thank yourself or your family and you will never forget them.