The Black Forest and the car
The Black Forest and the car

The car and the Black Forest


There is a lot to discover in the Black Forest. The famous Black Forest town of Schramberg in particular makes the hearts of many car fans beat faster. The Schramberg car and watch world is popular across all generations and is enjoying increasing demand.

The beautiful world of the car

In addition to the famous ski areas of the Black Forest, art and culture are not neglected either. Once it was the clock in Schramberg that drove the industrialization. Today it is the automotive industry that is the foundation of many companies in the region. In both branches have a lot of pioneering spirit, Creativity and energy. In Schramberg we immerse ourselves in a bygone era in which we can still feel the old zeitgeist. In a unique car and watch exhibition, memories of the old days are quickly awakened. Today we have modern cars, but even these still need spare parts, which, by the way, are inexpensive can acquire. Although these parts have also changed today, with a little luck we can still get older spare parts for classic cars.

Why are we so fascinated by old cars?

We are primarily interested in old things like clocks and other everyday objects because of their unique history. The car is no exception. Through these things we succeed in immersing ourselves in a long forgotten world. It is our own past that we are now able to experience up close again. Often we only know old cars from television or from our own childhood. But what was it like when our grandparents or even great-grandparents were young? What did everyday objects look like and what things were they interested in? How were the vehicles?

What was once modern and trendy still has a certain charm to offer today. There are a lot of classic car enthusiasts who spend a lot of time tinkering with the old vehicles. We are fascinated by old things because they are no longer commonplace. We have the feeling that we have something special and we often guard these things like little treasures.

We are also fascinated by watches

Not only cars, but also clocks and other everyday objects are fascinating for us. Watches have always had something magical about them because they tell us the time. Even in school, it was the clock we stared at when we couldn't wait to get home. Later on, we might take a look at the clock when we want to call it a day or we can't wait until our date is finally at the door. Time plays the most important role in our whole life. We all don't have an infinite amount of her, even if we sometimes would like to. We all think about how long we can stay here on earth. So it's no wonder that it is also old watches that fascinate us because of their appearance. In them we can see that we are not as different as the generations that were here before us. And we are fascinated by the knowledge and craft that existed long before us.

picture of Philippsaal on Pixabay


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