Corona! How about a weekend in the Black Forest


As soon as holidaymakers from Germany were able to travel to the Spanish island again at the end of July, Mallorca was again declared a risk area and a travel warning was issued due to new corona cases. German tourists are also likely to have made a not insignificant contribution. As soon as they arrived at Ballermann or in Bierstraße, they celebrated without keeping their distance or wearing a mask.

The government of Mallorca was then forced to close the popular restaurants. Short trips to Mallorca at the weekend are therefore a thing of the past until further notice. Alternatively, however, there are also many attractive travel destinations in Germany where short vacationers can relax for a few days hiking or on the sun terrace and in PayPal casinos can spend playing. In addition to some destinations in Bavaria and the beaches on the North and Baltic Seas, the Black Forest is one of the most popular travel destinations.

What are the top attractions in the Black Forest?

Those who travel to the Black Forest don't have to look far to experience unique mountain landscapes and largely intact nature. The absolute highlights among the excursion destinations include, for example Titisee and the Triberg waterfalls. On the Titisee you can go boating and fishing and the Triberg waterfalls can be easily reached via a hiking trail to reach. Also the toboggan run Todtnau in Hasenhorn is a tourist magnet. Here visitors can shut down the canal in any weather. The Rötteln castle ruins, the Steinen Gisbert bird park, the Wutan Gorge or the Menzenschwander waterfalls are also popular tourist attractions.

If you are looking for a bit of cooling in the hot weather, you can go to Baden-Baden, for example, to the Caracalla Therme. The evening can then be spent in the Baden-Baden casino. There is also a wide range of cultural activities in Freiburg with its imposing tower towering over the roofs Freiburg Minster, the old town with the Martinstor or the Bertoldsbrunnen. 

Baden cuisine - world class

A nice trip or vacation also includes good food. The Black Forest has plenty of that to offer. There are more renowned restaurants in the region than in other regions in Germany.

Here, Baden, Swabian, Alsatian, French, Austrian and Swiss cuisine come together and there is a rich selection of fresh natural products from the mountain forests, including game, fish, fresh mushrooms and berries. Floor stands Swabian cuisine and Baden grandeur can be found in almost every excursion restaurant, although spaetzle should of course not be missing on any menu.

The region's wine matures in many places to a very special quality, such as the Pinot Noir Alte Reben Trocken or the Chardonnay Hard Trocken. Even many French people, who are known as gourmets, come to the region especially on weekends to dine in the evening.

In summary: With its wonderful landscapes, excursion destinations and an internationally appreciated South Baden cuisine, the Black Forest offers a high degree of attractiveness for a visit, whether as a short weekend break or a few days longer on a relaxing holiday.

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