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Black Forest cake

Black Forest Cake Festival Todtnauberg

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On April 16, 2023, everything in Todtnauberg will revolve around the Black Forest cake. Professional confectioners and amateur confectioners present their creations made from cream, sponge cake, cherries, chocolate and... kirsch to a large audience. The most beautiful and best cherry cakes will be awarded.

The Black Forest cake is on everyone's lips, in the truest sense of the word. The most well-known specialty of the Black Forest is known in almost every corner of the world. But who makes the prettiest and best cherry cake? This question will be answered at the Black Forest Gateau Festival in Todtnauberg. There confectioners, bakers and chefs meet to make their cherry cakes in front of an audience. A top-class jury evaluates the creamy works of art.

The cakes will then be sold for a good cause. But not only professionals will be at the start, hobby confectioners will also show their art. There are also demonstrations of jam production, cherry cake courses, culinary delights from the region and lots of interesting facts about the creamiest temptation since the Black Forest came into existence.