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Bernau in the Black Forest

Staying overnight in the Black Forest: options for travelers

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Tourism has been an important economic pillar of the Black Forest for decades. In the last few years, awareness has increased once again, especially on the international stage. With the visit, however, there is the question of what the best place to stay is. For this reason, we have taken a closer look at various options.

The local hotels

The hotels that can be found in the Black Forest already cover a very wide range. On the one hand, this applies to the price diversity that can be determined in relation to the overnight stays on site. In addition, it is possible to discover numerous branches. This includes active hotels, which put exercise in nature in the foreground of their existence. Elsewhere, meanwhile, the focus is on the wellness area, which should not only provide suitable relaxation and recreation at the end of the day. An overview of the offers is for example on the page www.jahnreisen.de a DAK Bungalow.

Nature on the campsites

A quick look at the key figures makes it clear that camping is becoming more and more important, especially in Germany. On the one hand, the campsites recorded a significantly higher number of overnight stays last year than was the case in previous decades. The 40.000 new registrations of motorhomes that were achieved in the past year are also record-breaking. For many of these enthusiastic campers, the Black Forest is one of the most important destinations. How a holiday in a tent can feel like on the Michael's blog read.

On the one hand, the opportunity to draw on a wide range of different places is impressive. These are usually a bit remote and for this reason offer direct access to nature. In addition, it is only mandatory to reserve a space in the main season. Otherwise, campers have the opportunity to design their own trip with a lot of flexibility. However, it is necessary to make significant compromises when it comes to comfort.

Tradition of pensions

In the small towns that are scattered throughout Schwarzwald can be found, pensions continue to play an important role. Most of the time, the guest rooms were attached to inns in order to have another source of income. In recent years, however, support for this form of accommodation has continued to decline. There can therefore be no question of a marginal phenomenon. 

Ultimately, it cannot be denied that pensions continue to be important as centrally located accommodations. However, from today's perspective, guests have to be satisfied with what appears to be spartan furnishings. But there is the typical Black Forest flair to marvel at on site. This is not least due to the fact that the local pensions are permanent institutions that have often been family-owned for many decades.

Individual preferences

Ultimately, the choice of accommodation in the Black Forest also depends on personal preferences. Depending on how the trip is to be designed, individual priorities can be set. Other factors, such as the budget available for vacation days, also play a central role in planning. The possibilities for this are definitely available in the holiday area.