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No more sick on vacation

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Many adults drag themselves from vacation to vacation. As soon as the vacation starts, however, the illnesses come. It is time to change something in everyday life in order to enjoy every day of your vacation in a healthy and fit manner. These changes are easy to make with these everyday tips.

Lack of relaxation as the cause?

According to one, the average employee in Germany is absent for around 17 days due to illness Statistics from the Institute of German Economy. These statistics only include sick days with medical certificates. Short-term failures are not recorded. Nevertheless, there are 6 sick days more than in 2006. Stress and a lack of relaxation seem to burden many people in Germany and thus permanently damage their health. Those who start at these points strengthen their own resilience.

Sleep better

Healthy sleep is often seen as a matter of course, which it is by no means. Every third German sleeps badly, they say Results of a study the Techniker Krankenkasse. It is no coincidence that sleep deprivation is a torture method. Too little sleep causes lasting harm to people. The body regenerates itself during sleep. The cell metabolism works undisturbed, toxins are broken down and the emotions of the day are processed. Deep sleep phases are important for a functioning memory and internal balance. Adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep. Ideally, no media should be used for between two and three hours before going to sleep. A temperature between 15 and 18 degrees is ideal in the bedroom. In addition, a high-quality and individually fitting mattress is important for a restful sleep. It should fit your own body weight and adapt to your body.

Tip: traditions like Slamming the windows Most people in the Black Forest know them, but did you know that the Black Forest has its own mattress manufacture? Mattresses from the Black Forest manufactory are available for all weight classes and for allergy sufferers. Traditional craftsmanship, the latest technology and high-quality materials characterize these mattresses.

Drink more

Most people find it easy to drink a lot in summer. But as soon as the temperatures drop, many drink too little. In doing so, extra fluids will help the body remove toxins and waste products. Every day people should drink between two and three liters of fluids. This fades into the background in the stress of everyday life. Habits help support the body. Drinking a large glass of water after getting up stimulates the circulation and helps to remove toxins from the body that are broken down at night. Drink another glass of water before every meal and another before bed. If you miss the taste of pure water, you can drink tea or spritzer. Water is the most direct way to add fluids to your body.

Tip: Regional juices or regional teas from the Black Forest make drinking a pleasure.

Eating healthy

In addition to sleep and fluids, a good immune system also needs nutrients and vitamins. If you stick to this simple rule of thumb, you win: five servings of vegetables and fruit a day. Three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit are ideal here. The ideal portion is a hand-held amount. Peppers are real miracle cures. Half a pepper already provides the human body with sufficient vitamin C. In the cold season, this raw vegetable is a secret weapon. Nuts provide the body with fats and are considered food for the brain. Seasonal products contain exactly the vitamins and nutrients the body needs.

Tip: The regional cuisine in the Black Forest offers healthy and tasty recipes for every season.

Move in a targeted manner

Many modern ailments affect people's musculoskeletal system. Back pain is one of the common ailments of Germans. Tense sitting, sitting too long, one-sided strain and too little movement are common problems of modern people. For people in an office job in particular, it is important to consciously incorporate a lot of movement into the rest of their everyday life. That can be using every staircase on the daily routes or switching from a car to a bicycle. The human body wants to be used and challenged. Holistic sports such as swimming, yoga or Thai Chi also support the body. It doesn't have to be long units. Short but regular sequences, such as fifteen minutes every day, are sufficient to maintain physical fitness.

Walk or hike

Figure 2: Both in the Black Forest and in Scandinavia there are many events in the great outdoors. Only the adventure character is a bit higher in Scandinavia. Husky sledge hikes are possible there, for example.

Like hardly any other region in Germany, the Black Forest offers a myriad of attractive hiking trails. Whether it's a simple stroll through the vineyards or actual hikes - being in nature is good for people. The friendly one Climate in the Black Forest allows undisturbed stay in the fresh air often and undisturbed in these places in Germany. This makes the Black Forest a paradise for those who live there and for those who visit it. Those who take a short walk through nature in the evening are better off switching off and finding a more peaceful sleep. In addition, the oxygen in the fresh air stimulates the cells in nature. At the weekend it can be a long walk. Perhaps there is a nice excursion destination nearby, which is at the end of the walk. Staying in the fresh air is a positive counterbalance to everyday life.

Relax more often

Problems with falling asleep and letting go of everyday problems affect many adults. Mental stress leads to physical tension. If this tension becomes permanent tension, it affects the body. However, letting go can be practiced. Meditation is one of the most famous relaxation techniques that help against a disturbing carousel of thoughts. Other options include:

    • Autogenic training
    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    • Yoga

Tip: The costs for courses in these techniques are often supported or fully covered by health insurances.

Healthy in everyday life and on vacation

If you take care of yourself, you can enjoy both everyday life and your vacation in a healthy way. If you also live in the Black Forest, there are wonderful moments of relaxation every day. These little vacations in everyday life characterize life in our unique region.

Figure 1: pixabay.com © Claudia Scott (CCO Creative Commons)

Figure 2: pixabay.com © Simon Lehman (CCO Creative Commons)