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Happy in the southern Black Forest

Vacation in the Black Forest - live, enjoy, relax

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Are you ready for a vacation? Then you should take time for a vacation in the Black Forest. The entire region is designed for vacationers. There are thermal baths and baths to relax and unwind, adventure parks and wonderful hiking routes. You can spend your vacation days as you wish in numerous hotels. But be aware that there is hardly a hotel that can spontaneously offer free rooms, especially during the holiday season.

From leisurely strolls and adrenaline rushes

This vacation spot offers a suitable option for every taste. If you want to exercise, you can go around the beautiful Schluchsee hiking, cycling or even skiing. If you like it cozy, you can enjoy the flat hiking trail around the lake. Are you looking for an adrenaline rush that will make your vacation an unforgettable experience? Then you should go to the Schluchtensteig from Dead moss dare to approach. You will certainly get your money's worth here.

Relaxation with art, coffee and culture

To switch off a little more relaxed with a delicious piece of cake, simply visit the countless cafés in Freiburg. Art lovers from all over the world are drawn to the artjammer here. The owners have created a perfect combination of an inviting coffee shop and an invigorating studio. Designer furniture as you have certainly not seen it before awaits astonished looks.

So that your journey can finally begin, all you need is the right hard case, your desired destination and a nearby hotel.

What you should look out for when buying a hard case

Under no circumstances should you miss the right piece of luggage on your holiday. After all, your favorite items of clothing, hiking boots or electronic devices should not be damaged. If you want your articles to be protected, get one Hardcase case magazine.

The material of the case plays a decisive role. The use of polycarbonate, which is very impact-resistant, gives your case a lot of stability. Even in the event of a fall, the shell does not break open immediately or allows vibrations to penetrate your items. So you know that your belongings are always safely packed.

Also pay attention to the dimensions and the associated volume of the case. If you want to go on vacation for numerous days or even weeks, you will certainly need more clothing and accessories than a trip over a long weekend. So that you don't have to worry about too little storage space when packing, you should consider this factor when buying a suitcase. A small suitcase has about 35 to 50 liters. On the other hand, large models can easily hold up to 120 liters.

A separate inner compartment makes it easy to store smaller items. In addition, you always know exactly where the item is stored here. For example, you can store documents, electronic items or underwear in this compartment.

The suitcase is your companion and supporter. Therefore, it must not attract attention due to its weight, an unwieldy grip or stubborn roles. Make sure that the case has a low weight. A suitcase should weigh a maximum of 5 kg. This has the advantage that you can take significantly more luggage in your suitcase when you travel by air. Finally there is one Maximum weight limit for luggage when traveling by air.