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Pale waterfall

Opening of the Pale Waterfall

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In perfect weather, 50 invited guests and countless hikers were delighted with the "restored" Fahler waterfall. Bürmermeister Andreas Wießner thanked many hands that made such a project possible. “We live in and from nature as forest owners as well as as the basis for tourism”, he explains the commitment to the Fahler waterfall. The long slumbering gem of the Pale Waterfall was from Southern Black Forest Nature Park Funded with 50% and forms another building block for the upcoming waterfalls trail. The tourism region between Feldberg and Ballon With these attractions is preparing for the German Hiking Day 2010, which will bring many new guests to the region from the end of July to the beginning of August. After a quarter of a year of construction from July to October 2009 with a construction cost of +/- 50.000 €, the Fahler waterfall is visible again and has become an attraction.


The Fahl waterfall in the Todtnauer holiday area, from the holiday resort of Fahl towards Feldberg The water of the “Fahler Waterfall” falls 50m into the valley. The source area of ​​the Rotenbach is at the 1386 m high Stübenwasen. From there it drops steeply through wooded area to Rotenbacher Rank. The waterfall (bus stop) begins here and forms the Fahler waterfall in several stages. The Rotenbach flows into the meadow in Fahl and later into the Rhine.


The completely natural waterfall has been accessible through hiking trails and bridges for many years. Many guests visit this unique natural spectacle every year. On cold winter nights, the waterfall freezes into a bizarre formation of oversized icicles.