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110th German Hiking Day 2010 in Freiburg


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The Black Forest capital in the south will be the center of attraction for thousands of hiking enthusiasts from August 5th to 9th, 2010 during the 110th German Hiking Day. Hikes to attractive destinations, enjoyable concerts at the open air and wine tastings in atmospheric locations.

The German hiking association plays together with the Black Forest Association and the Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH on the entire keyboard of the hiking black forest.

From the August 5th to 8th it will be daily from 15 p.m. on the Freiburg Cathedral Square give a festival mile, from 10 a.m. on the Rathausplatz Tourism Exchange. The accompanying program from July 31 to August 8 offers guests the choice between more than 100 day hikes, bike tours and over 50 cultural events throughout the holiday region. A hiking day badge for five euros is mandatory for participants.

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