Easy round at Waldshut

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Start: Waldshut (Chilbiplatz)

Kilometers: 25

Continuously ascending (with short, steep intermediate climbs), it first goes through the Schmitzinger Valley to Waldkirch and around the Gupfen (viewing pavilion with a beautiful all-round view and an existing barbecue area / detour is worthwhile!) To Bannholz. A total of 400 meters in altitude must be overcome on this section of the route. The tour continues, with steep gradients alternating with gradients, via Ay, Bierbronnen and Rohr to Weilheim (here the most beautiful view into Switzerland) and - initially with a medium gradient, then on the L 151 - to Gurtweil. With another longer ascent, and a recommended detour to the game reserve (also rising), it goes - the last section falling - back to the starting point in Waldshut