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Enjoy schnapps and original kirsch from the Black Forest

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Whoever decides on a vacation in the Black Forest cannot do without the home-distilled schnapps. Enjoy a hearty schnapps after dinner or take a bottle with you as a present for loved ones at home. In addition to various fruit schnapps, the famous Black Forest cherry in particular does credit to the craft.

What makes schnapps so famous in the Black Forest:

Distilling of schnapps is famous in the Black Forest and is just as much a part of this region as, for example, the Black Forest clocks Black Forest cake.

The over 100-year-old tradition of schnapps distillery is still very much upheld in the Black Forest to this day. Generations pass the special form of distillation on to the next generation. Secret and special recipes have been preserved to this day. In no other region of Germany will the visitor find this form of schnapps distillery in such high quality, because: To this day, the distillers are not only concerned with sales and the quantity, but primarily with the high quality of the schnapps. Even today we still work according to the motto: distilling and distilling schnapps take time.

The modern technology of the stills makes it possible to produce larger quantities over a longer period of time.

The distilling of schnapps in earlier times:

Black Forest Kirsch

"Bad" fruit, which was too good to dispose of, was pitted and chopped by hand. Coarse pieces were put into the still in the old days and made into schnapps. A long process began here, as the containers were stored long in front of the house and the fermentation of the fruit was very slow due to the low temperatures in the autumn months. Over generations, people developed more and more new techniques and acquired more modern stills over the decades. It was strictly ensured that the quality of the schnapps was not lost.

Especially nowadays, great care is taken to ensure that the quality of the schnapps is not lost through larger production quantities.

The origin of the Black Forest cherry:

Since the cherry harvest was already very high in earlier times, no one thought about what to do with the unsaleable cherries. Thoughtfully done, the Black Forest cherry, which is still famous today, was made with the cherries. But watch out that the fruit is not fermented or withered too much, because even then the kirsch can "tip over" and lose its quality in taste. Therefore this art is a very special one and everyone should leave this craft to the expert.

The famous kirsch:

Now everyone will first of all wonder why the cherries in the Black Forest make schnapps so famous. This is due to the special vegetation in this region. Here the climatic conditions are perfect for cherry trees to flourish. These can grow and thrive in peace here thanks to the perfect vegetation of soil and air. Accordingly, the cherry harvest is particularly high every year. Even or especially ancient trees give the most splendid cherries every year under the loving care of the owners.

How to become a schnapps distiller:

Distilling schnapps is not as easy as it always looks. Anyone who thinks that the distillery is child's play should take a look at the entire process on site. A sense of proportion and a high degree of skill in the selection of the fruit or just the cherries are jobs that not everyone can master. Distilling is a fine craftsmanship that nobody should underestimate.

Months of work, the selection of the perfect glass container as well as the exact time and temperature during the distillation give the schnapps the right aroma.

Familiarization with this art takes months and requires a high level of concentration and patience.

Anyone interested in distilling schnapps can certainly do an apprenticeship with one or the other schnapps distiller in the Black Forest. In the Schnapshäusle Im Bärental am Feldberg will be in Distillery Museum introduced the art of distilling.

Combining craft and tradition:

By planting new trees, caring for and harvesting and ultimately the schnapps distillery, many people in the region are not only busy, because: craftsmanship and tradition over decades unite people in a very special way.