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Vacation and shopping combined – that’s what the Black Forest has to offer

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The Black Forest has much more to offer than cherry pies and cuckoo clocks! This corner of Germany impresses millions of visitors every year with its unique natural landscapes and picturesque old towns. But in addition to the natural beauty that this region has to offer, there is a second point that visitors should definitely not ignore: the shopping opportunities.

Surrounded by a landscape that is second to none, a variety of shops and markets await visitors from all over the world. This is probably an aspect that hardly anyone associates with the Black Forest.

If you need a break on your shopping trip and want to fortify yourself, you will find many typical delicacies that are only available in the region. If you're in a hurry, there's fast food in the Black Forest and if you want to save money, You can find new KFC vouchers here, so that the shopping budget is not overloaded. In this article we will look at some regions that form an optimal symbiosis of shopping and vacation.

The best shopping opportunities in the Black Forest

When you chat with friends and family about the Black Forest, it's probably mostly about vacation. Understandable! On the 6.000 km² area A large piece of nature awaits that is unparalleled in Germany. Raging waterfalls, bright blue lakes and a wilderness where deer, deer and wild boar hide are just a few details from the depths of the forest. But hardly anyone talks about the countless shopping opportunities this region has to offer.

The largest low mountain range in Germany offers not only nature but also a lot of history:

A shopping tour through Baden-Baden – shopping 5th Avenue style

Baden-Baden not only impresses its visitors with the architecture of bygone days and relaxing thermal baths, but also impresses with its first-class shopping offerings. The historic colonnades in front of the Kurhaus transform the traffic-free streets of the city center into a true shopping paradise.

In the elegant boutiques, fashion-conscious visitors will find a variety of individual clothing stores such as Antora Selection and Nanou on Lichtentaler Straße as well as top-class brand stores such as Escada, Hermès and Van Laack along Sophienstraße.

But not only fashion enthusiasts will get their money's worth here: the Art Déco antique shop offers unique treasures from bygone times, while leather goods INKA enchants with handmade leather bags. If you are looking for unusual gift ideas or want to treat yourself, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in the small shops.

Companies such as:

  • Hugo Boss
  • Watch specialist shop Tourbillon Boutique
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Jil Sander
  • Hatter Olivier Maugé
  • and many more.

The southern Waldstraße – the trendy district of Karlsruhe

Exclusive meets everyday - an interplay of perfect opposites in Karlsruhe's popular trendy street. Located between the charming streets of Amalienstrasse and Sophienstrasse, the southern Waldstrasse offers a welcome oasis of calm away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Sounds like boredom? Anyone who thinks like that is completely wrong! The vibrancy of this street beauty is omnipresent. Day after day, the colorful lamps are a highlight of a walk along the paving stones and at the end of the year they decorate for Christmas.

However, what really sets this area apart is its unique shops. Here visitors encounter true pearls of enjoyment: from cozy cafés to exquisite restaurants, gourmets will find everything their heart desires here.

And who likes to dress individually or is simply looking for the latest trend? The southern Waldstrasse also offers countless opportunities for this: from boutiques to mainstream stores, customers are taken into the world of fashion.

Companies like:

  • Burger Interior GmbH
  • Art Gallery Elwert
  • LUI's
  • Bike & Action
  • Maribelle Boutique

The shopping paradise in the heart of Freiburg – Black Forest City

The city of Freiburg is known among locals for its cozy cafés surrounded by picturesque buildings. However, in the middle of the pulsating city, a true oasis awaits in the form of the Schwarzwald City Shopping Center.

With over 30 shops and numerous dining options, the center offers an incredible selection of products and services. Whether fashion, jewelry, gift items or food – no wish is left unfulfilled here. But it goes one step further: Pharmacies, health food stores, technology stores, opticians and hairdressers have also found their home here.

What makes this shopping center so special? The short distances! Visitors do not have to walk for miles to the shopping center, but can park their vehicle directly in the parking garage. No more searching for the right parking space or aching feet from endless walking!

In the shopping paradise of Schwarzwald City, companies such as:

  • Saturn
  • Cecil
  • Bijou Brigitte
  • Ernsting's Family
  • Street One
  • and many more.

The most beautiful excursion destinations in the Black Forest – finally explore the region

Well, in addition to the shopping miles, we would also like to introduce our readers a little bit to the region. The following recommendations are definitely worth a visit! We have chosen them so that the visit can be wonderfully combined with shopping.

The Schlossberg of Freiburg – A historical jewel high above the roofs of the city

High up on the Schlossberg, where the sun bathes its last rays of the day in a fascinating play of colors, visitors and locals alike have a breathtaking view over the picturesque old town of Freiburg. While some enjoy this sight with a cool blonde in the beer garden, climb others go up to the majestic castle tower to marvel at a 360-degree panorama.

At this moment, Freiburg appears like a backdrop from another time: the charming streams meander through the narrow streets, the imposing cathedral shines in warm light and the gentle hilly landscape of the Vosges stretches out in the background.

But this enchanting place has more to offer than just a spectacular view. Built almost 1.000 years ago The Zähringen Duke Berthold II built the Burghalden Castle at this point – namesake of today’s Schlossberg. One can only assume whether he already suspected at the time what a privileged view he would have of the first settlement and the Breisgau Bay from here.

The Wildline and the treetop path are just a few kilometers from Karlsruhe

Fog in the black forest
Fog in the black forest


The Wildline – a breathtaking adventure high above the tops of the Black Forest. This 380-meter-long suspension bridge, attached to two steel cables, offers an incomparable panorama at a dizzying height of 60 meters. The view sweeps far over the treetops and you hardly suspect that the end of the bridge is still a long way off.

But be careful! If you find yourself feeling queasy at unexpected heights, you should think twice about this tour. Because you can see down to the ground through the grid plates and slight turbulence on the bridge cannot be ruled out. But those who dare will reward their eyes with a view that is second to none.

The Bad Wildbad treetop path is just a few steps away. From there you have a whole new perspective on the Wildline. A path around 20 meters high takes you to the majestic observation tower, which rises an impressive 40 meters high.

The treetop path itself extends over a length of 1.250 meters and leads past numerous interesting learning and adventure stations about the forest and its inhabitants. Once you reach the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the entire Black Forest and the surrounding region.

And for all visitors whose ascent hasn't yet pumped enough adrenaline through their veins: a spiral-shaped tunnel slide allows you to descend in a particularly rapid manner. But Karlsruhe itself also has some sights to offer, as we have summarized here.

Mercury – 668 meters above the heads of Baden-Baden

If you are looking for breathtaking views and restful relaxation, you should definitely pay a visit to Baden-Baden's local mountain: the Merkur. At an impressive 668 meters high, it rises majestically and offers a unique perspective of the city, surrounded by the picturesque Black Forest.

From the top of the mountain and the imposing Mercury Tower, visitors can fully enjoy the idyllic panorama. But that's not enough! In the warm months, there is also a cozy lawn where you can relax and sunbathe. The “Merkurstüble” restaurant pampers its visitors with culinary delicacies while they let their eyes wander.

For all of you who would like to crown your vacation with a special experience, there is even the opportunity to take a paragliding flight from the summit of Mercury. This will undoubtedly provide adrenaline rushes!

Tips & Tricks: How can you get the most out of your holiday shopping?

The Black Forest has a lot to offer! But how can visitors squeeze the remaining percentage out of their holiday shopping trip? We have prepared some tips and tricks for our readers.

  • Experience local markets: The Black Forest is known for its local markets in different cities and villages. These markets often hide local crafts or keep the taste buds on their toes with culinary specialties. They often become a paradise for true bargain hunters.
  • Merge with the local culture: Even if you are not the extroverted type of person, it can be worthwhile to have a nice chat with the locals. Visitors should definitely seek out one or two conversations with local traders or residents during their stay. There is often an insider tip hidden here outside of the tourist areas or a culinary delicacy that no one should miss.
  • Quality instead of quantity: The Black Forest is known for its craftsmanship! Shingle makers and bellows manufacturers are at home here. Wouldn't it be a shame to leave such a souvenir behind in the Black Forest and instead buy a postcard from the mass tourism souvenir shop?
  • Time is money, right?: Of course. However, this sentence only applies in everyday life or in professional life. During your vacation, no one should rush from shop to shop with time pressure on them or just take in the sights casually. Away from the tourist streets, numerous small shops invite you to linger.
  • Online research: Dear readers, you have probably already taken note of this point - otherwise you would not have ended up on this page. Nevertheless, it is advisable to always pick up your cell phone and check it when you are there Excursion destinations and shops to look out for. The focus should be particularly on reviews and recommendations from locals.

And dear readers, could we give you the idea of ​​making your next trip to the Black Forest a symbiosis of vacation and shopping trip?

Image courtesy of Lili Kovac